How To Create Multiple Google Chrome Profiles

Multiple users are sharing the same system or using the same Chrome browser?. Till now you might be using single chrome for multiple users. But now you can have multiple chrome browser profile on your system for multiple users. Now the question might be coming in your mind that how you will differentiate different user’s browser. Google has done it very smartly, it will show different chrome icon on desktop with different user’s name and picture.

When another user will open his/her chrome profile then it will be a fresh new chrome where he/she can log in to the accounts and that will be saved. However, if you open your chrome profile then it will be having all the activities you have done with all your accounts like Gmail, Facebook and others. So it keeps the activities of different chrome user’s separately. Below are the advantages and way to create multiple Google Chrome profiles.

Create Multiple Google Chrome Profiles

Benefits For Setting Chrome For Different Users

  • You don’t have to always log out of your accounts like Gmail, Facebook and others.
  • You have your own privacy.
  • No need to log out if you have a couple of Gmail or other accounts. If you have to check multiple Gmail accounts, then no need to log out just create one more chrome browser profile and check emails there.
  • Your searches will be on your chrome browser only. It will not get reflected on other user’s chrome profile. 

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Way To Create Multiple Google Chrome Profiles

You can easily setup and customize multiple chrome profiles, just follow the below steps:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the wrench button on top right side.create multiple google chrome profiles - settings
  • Next, click on Settings. A settings windows will open or you can directly type in “chrome://settings/” on the browser address bar to open the settings page.
  • On Settings windows, look for People option. Now click on Add person…create multiple google chrome profiles - add person
  • Type in the name of a different user and select picture.
  • That’s it. Now you can see a new Chrome icon on your desktop with the name of the user and picture.

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This is very easy to enable the feature of Google Chrome. Still, if you came across any issue while setting-up different profiles in Google Chrome, please let us know via comments.

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