How To Use Or Create Location And Hashtags Instagram Stories

You might know that Instagram allows you to add geo stickers or filters and hashtags in your stories. If you are facing a hard time figuring out how to create such stories then this quick guide will let you know everything about location and hashtag Instagram stories. Recent update includes these stories in place or hashtag story. This gives an additional option to explore photos/videos or view stories of users you don’t follow. Your or anyone’s story will be added to the Location or hashtag story only if your profile is set to Public. But it is possible to hide your Location and Hashtags Instagram Stories even for a Public profile. We have covered steps for that and also to create location and hashtags Instagram stories.

Add Location And Hashtags To Instagram Story

The screenshots and steps used are from the latest version of the Instagram iOS app version 10.22. The steps remain the same for Android with slight changes.

1. Launch Instagram app and tap on the Your Story ring icon at the top if it is your first photo/video in the story. Otherwise, either tap on the Camera icon at the top left corner or swipe right on the news feed screen. This will take you to the Camera screen.

Create Instagram Location Story
2 Options to get to the Camera screen after uploading 1 photo/video to Story

2. Here you can click a snap or record a video or even upload a photo/video from Gallery or Camera roll.

3. After having the desired media, tap on the sticker icon at the top to the left of brush icon. A new pop-up will appear. Select Location.

Add Location sticker on Instagram Stories

If you have location services turned on and allowed Instagram access then location sticker will be added.

4. To add hashtags simply tap on the Aa icon at the top right corner. Type the desired hashtag as you usually do while adding hashtags in the Instagram caption.

Add hashtags to Instagram Stories

Drag and position the hashtag as desired. You can add multiple hashtags if you want.

5. Finally, use the right arrow icon at the bottom right to create your Story.

Use Location and Hashtags Instragram Stories

Similarly, you can add location or hashtags to other stories.

Now, if you have been adding Location and Hashtags to your Instagram Stories then Instagram made it easier for other people not following you to explore your stories. With a recent update, the location and hashtag stories are collected under one place story or hashtag story. If your profile is public then your Location or Hashtag stories will be included here. However, if you want to keep your profile public and add location/hashtags to your stories but at the same time don’t want your stories to be included in the hashtags and location stories then continue reading.

The options to remove your stories from Location or Hashtag story are a bit restricted when compared to hiding or blocking Instagram Stories from specific followers. But the good news is that you can achieve it easily with a few taps on your smartphone screen.

Before we get to hiding the story let us first see how you can explore such stories.

How To View Or Explore Location And Hashtags Stories On Instagram?

1. Launch Instagram app and tap on the search/explore icon at the bottom of the news feed screen.

2. At the top along with other users stories, you should see Location story(ring with a location icon). Tap on it.

View or Explore Instagram Location Stories

3. You will see all the stories where that particular location is mentioned. Below every story, you will also the uploader of that particular story. You may tap on that username to view their profile.

4. If you wish to see specific location story then use the search bar. Type the name of the location after selecting the Places tab and select it when it shows up in the search suggestions.

Explore Specific Location Stories on Instagram

5. On the next screen, you will see the story of that location at the top. Tap on it in order to view the photos/videos in the story.

6. To view Hashtag stories, select Tags tab while searching and type the desired hashtag. Tap on the hashtag you are looking for in the suggestions and on the next screen, you will see its story at the top.

Explore Hashtags Instagram Stories

If your profile is public and you have used location or hashtags in your story then it will be included in these stories. But you can prevent your stories from showing up here. Here’s how.

Hide Your Stories From Location And Hashtags Instagram Stories

1. Open the Instagram app and open your story where you have added location or hashtag.

2. Tap on the eye icon at the bottom left or swipe upwards. You will see the viewers. Among them, you should see viewers from hashtag or location Story.

Hide Your Location and Hashtags Instagram Stories
Hashtag Story Viewers
Hide your Stories from Locations or Hashtags Instagram Stories
Location Story Viewers

3. Tap on the X against it and select Hide to confirm your decision.

Hide Stories from Location and Hashtags Instagram Stories

With this, even though your profile is public your stories won’t be included in that particular hashtag or location story. Similarly, you can hide your story from other hashtags and location stories.

You can always unhide your stories from location and hashtags stories by tapping on the Hidden text and selecting Unhide Photo/Video.

Unhide Story from Location or Hashtags Instagram Stories


We hope that you were able to remove or hide your stories from Location and Hashtags Stories. If you found this tutorial informative then please share it on social media.

Adding location or hashtags to stories can be a lot more fun and useful now with the new Explore options. What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments.


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