How To Copy Text In Google Lens

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Google Lens is an amazing app that can help you in a variety of things. You can translate text, recognize monuments, historic places and identify even the plants and animals that you normally see. And don’t forget about its capability in copying text.

If you are a student or an office guy then this app can do wonders for you. Sometimes it becomes necessary to note down the text written in a diary, board or even somewhere in your phone/computer screen. But all you are left with is taking screenshots and clicking photos, which can be really irritating after a certain point. So this is where Google Lens makes its place.

When you use Google Lens, it becomes really easy to copy the text from almost everywhere, even the offline photos on your phones. But what if you don’t even find an option to copy text? Well, this can be really annoying. But you don’t need to worry because, in this article, we will discuss how you can copy the text in Google Lens and due to any reason if you face problems in doing that, then how you can fix that issue.

Copy Text In Google Lens

Note: In the case of an iOS device, the Google Lens app is not available in the App Store. So, you can make use of the Google app to use Google Lens. Otherwise, the steps are exactly the same for the Android and iOS devices.

Using Google Assistant

1. Long press the home button of your Android device and open Google Assistant. (this step can vary from device to device.)

2. Tap on the Google Lens icon at the bottom as shown in the screenshot.

lens icon in google assistant

3. After Google Lens is opened, swipe right to the text icon from the search icon.

swipe to text

4. Now show the text to Google Lens that you desire to copy and tap on the text icon.

text icon in google lens

5. You can select all the text from the image by simply tapping on Select all. In order to make the selection yourself, just tap on the screen once and manually select the desired text. Finally, tap on Copy text.

copy text in Google lens

With this, the text has been copied. Now you can paste it in the notes section of your phone or wherever you feel like. Similarly, you can show the text to Google Lens that has been manually written somewhere and copy it using the same method. Other than just copying text, you can also translate it in some other language.

Making use of the Google Lens from Google Assistant is the simplest and easiest way. But if you want, you can download the app separately on your Android device.

Copy Text From Photos

There might be some photos on your mobile phones from which you would like to copy the text and send it to someone else. Or simply you would like to keep that text stored somewhere on your device. You can do that with the help of these steps.

1. Open the Google Lens app and switch to the text icon.

2. Now tap on the photos icon at the top right.

google lens photo icon

3. Select the photo from your phone from which you would like to copy the text.

4. Google Lens will automatically detect the text from the photo. If you like to copy the complete text from the photo, simply tap on select all. For copying only a particular line or paragraph, tap on the photo and select the desired text. Finally, tap on the Copy text option.

copy text from photo using Google Lens

That’s it. The text has been copied. Now you can paste the text anywhere you desire.

What To Do When Google Lens Won’t Copy Text

It is highly unlikely that the user is not able to copy the text using Google Lens. But if it happens, then it’s really an issue worth considering. Keeping this in mind, we are going to discuss all the possible ways to fix this issue.

1. Updating Or Reinstalling The Apps

If you are using Google Lens from Google Assistant and not able to find an option to copy text, try updating the Google app on your device. This may sound a bit untechnical but most of the issues can be easily solved by this one simple trick. If you are using an individual Lens app then try to do the same for the Lens app. If the apps are already updated, make a simple reinstall of the app on your device.

2. Try Using Google Translate First

1. While using Google Lens, swipe to the translate section before opening the text section.

swipe to translate text

2. Now move the camera to any text and tap on the translate icon. (make sure the text appears clearly in the camera.)

translate text

3. After that, you will see an option to copy text (if not, try doing it 2 or 3 times more.)

copy option available in translate

4. Go back to the Text section now and try copying the text once again.

3. Switch The App

If you are not able to copy the text while using the Google Lens app separately, try switching to Google Assistant or Google app and then use the Lens. Similarly, switch to the Lens app if you can’t find the copy option while using Lens from the Google app or Google Assistant.

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We hope that you were able to use the text recognition feature on Google Lens. Also, in case you weren’t able to copy the text then tell us in the comments below if the fixes worked for you. Don’t forget to mention any other method that worked out for you.

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