Coolest Android Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easy-Peasy

Being an Android user you must be aware that it is the most user friendly operating system to deal with, but we can never get enough of goodness. In this fast paced world it is very important that we value each and every second of our day because time is money here. Your phone is your armour, backup, mini office, in short it’s your life. But sometimes you just need some shortcuts to simplify your life even more, Right.

We have made a list of some stunning & coolest Android tips and tricks that will ease up your busy life in minutes.

Let’s have a look

1) Keep your phone locked only at the places you want:

coolest android tips and tricks - smart lock

i) Okay so now imagine that you are texting your loved ones and each time you have to type the “secret password” to heck that notification, quite annoying. We have a quick hack for you to solve this issue once and for all.

ii) Now you can keep you phone unlocked at the places you are familiar with like your home, office or anywhere you want. There is cool feature known as “Smart Lock” which allows you to keep your phone unlocked at known places.

iii) This feature is for Android 5.0 and above. Kit Kat 4.4.4 users can download the smart lock screen from the Google play store How to do it (Settings-> Security Settings-> Smart Lock-> Trusted Places) (now select the place etc.) This requires your GPS and that’s it you are ready to go. You can also try trusted voice, trusted device unlock

2) Misplaced your phone “Again”:

coolest android tips and tricks - find my lost phone

i) If you have actually misplaced your phone then there is a smart app that can save you from this mess- “Find my phone”. There is an application called “Find my lost phone”.

ii) This application will help you to locate your phone when it is stolen, misplaced. All you need to do is- Sign in with original Google Play id of your phone and start tracking your phone, it will display the exact location of your missing phone.

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3) No need to mix driving and messaging now:

coolest android tips and tricks - dont drive and message

Attending a call or replying to a message while driving is as dangerous as “drink and drive”. But if your calls/messages are that important, your Android phone will do it for you, yes it will read out your messages and pick up urgent calls for you. Download applications like Read it to me, speak me etc. and drive safe.

4) Encrypt your data

Another cool Android tip is to encrypt the your data. All smartphone device manufactures & Software Providers are more conscious about user personal data. Android platform which  has more than 1 billion devices under his belt more conscious than any one else. They suggest  all their users to encrypt stored data. Encryption enable stored user data in non readable  format. Even after  losing your phone your data is protected.

cool android tips

If you have Nexus 4, ​Nexus 5X, or a Nexus 6P​ then no need to enable encryption manually.  But other Android Device users has to enable encryption manually. To enable encryption  navigate to Settings -­> Security -­> Encrypt phone.

5) App permission matters

Installed Mobile app should have access to camera, location and other stored data only when you grant permission. Android user should be clear while granting permission during  installation process. To view permission granted for installed applications go to Settings ­-> Apps . Then on selecting any app, you can view all the permissions given to that particular app. If you find anything weird in app’s permission, it better to uninstall that app.    

If you  have other suggestions for keeping Android device safe or any other Android tip or trick to share, let us know in comment section.


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