How to convert webpage to PDF in iPhone and save it to iBooks

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

If you ever wanted to save a webpage for later offline viewing, consider it done as it is possible in iOS Safari browser. To achieve that the webpage will be converted to PDF and then added to iBooks on your iPhone/iPad where you can view the desired webpage as an iBook. This article will let you know about how to convert webpage to PDF in iPhone/iPad? Moreover, you will get to know about how to add/save webpages to iBooks.

Convert Webpage to PDF in iPhone | Save Webpage to iBooks

Learn how to change a webpage into a PDF in Safari by going through the steps given below :

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad
  • Go to desired webpage for which you want to create a PDF and add to iBooks
  • Tap on Share icon at the bottom as shown below(marked in Red)
Create PDF from webpage ipad iphone
Share icon
  • Swipe towards left in the list of options shown, Select Save PDF to iBooks as shown below
convert webpage to PDF and save it to iBooks iPhone
Save PDF to iBooks
  • With this your iPhone/iPad will create PDF from webpage 
  • As soon as the PDF is created, it will be added/saved to iBooks
  • iBooks app will open with your webpage saved as PDF in iBook
Save webpage to iBooks in iPhone iPad
PDF created and saved as iBook in iBooks

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With this simple method you can convert webpage to PDF in iPad/iPhone and at the same time add webpage to iBooks. Personally, I like this feature a lot as I can view a webpage later whenever desired. Most importantly I won’t need an internet connection once webpage is saved as PDF to iBooks. Did you like Add Webpage to iBooks feature in iOS? Share your thoughts in comments section. 


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