Comparison between iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 Edge

“When healthy competition prevails, you come out to play and you play to win”. True to every single word of it, the two tech giants, Apple and Samsung are in the war zone with their products iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 Edge. Though iPhone 6 was launched in September 2014 and the S6 Edge in March 2015, still since both these products are targeting the same customer group, they are giving tough competition to each other. We have tried to do a comparative study on both for our consumers to know the intricacies. On a more general note, both the phones are on the same level if we compare them on design and display basis. The articles cover comparison between iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 Edge on basis of specifications, design, build quality and price.

comparison between iphone 6 and samsung s6 edge
iPhone 6 & Samsung S6 Edge

The screen of S6 Edge is 5.10 inches slightly smaller than the iPhone 6 screen which is 5.50 inches. The weight of iPhone is also slightly more at 172 gms rather than 132 gms of S6. The screen resolution in S6 is 1440*2560 pixels slightly better than the 1080*1920 pixels of iPhone6. If we talk about storage than iPhone 6 disappoints us a little as it has only 1 GB RAM compared to 3GB in S6 but doesn’t much affect its performance. Also storage is only 16 GB in the basic model of iPhone 6 as compared to 32 GB of the S6.

Coming to the most important feature of the phones which is their performance: more or less they are on the same level only, but S6 in terms of working is a little better than the iPhone 6. S6 supports Android 5.0 whereas Apple supports iOS 8.0. The processor in S6 is 1.5 Ghz Octa-Core whereas iPhone 6 has A8 processor. Both are unique in their own ways. The software technology used in S6 is slightly better than iPhone6.

The camera specifications though are quite different in both the phones but picture quality is almost the same, as the rear camera in S6 is 16 megapixels and in iPhone 6 is 8 megapixels, whereas the front camera in S6 is 5 megapixels and in iPhone 6 is 1.2 megapixels. Apple has been forever hearing complaints from its loyal customers about the picture quality of the images captured and it has given the customers their much required satisfaction. This phone is being considered as the best Apple has come up with in terms of camera.

The battery capacity of S6 is slightly better than iPhone 6. Sensors such as compass, accelerometer, light sensors, barometer, etc are present on both the phones. The temperature sensor is interestingly missing from both the phones. Both the phones have 1 Nano Sim card insertion with no external slot for memory card and if you are interested in buying iPhone 6 rather S6, you might have to shell out a significant amount for the same. WiFi direct connection is present in S6 but not in the iPhone 6.

Also for those who believe in value for money will be disappointed as both the phones fail significantly on that aspect and get average ranking in the same. Thus, we conclude on iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 Edge comparison by saying that performance wise S6 is slightly better than iPhone 6 but the loyal apple customers would still enjoy using apple product only, whereas our tech savvy customers will go for the S6 phone.


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