How to Close Twitter Account When User Dies

Have you ever thought when someone dies, what will happen to their twitter account? If the person who passed away has shared the credentials with someone, then the account can easily be deactivated. But what if the person hasn’t shared the login id and password? No worries, twitter has an option using which you can delete deceased person twitter account. This article will show you how to close twitter account when someone dies.

Similarly, Facebook user can setup to automatically delete the Facebook account after death. Also, using Facebook Legacy contact, your can let someone access your account when you die with limited features.

If you want to report to Twitter about the death of the person and request them to close twitter account, in that case, Twitter will not share the credentials of the dead user. However, Twitter will ask the essential information of the person who passed away and the proof of death. After processing the information Twitter will itself close the account of that user.

How to Deactivate the Twitter Account

If the user has already shared the credentials with you, then you can easily deactivate their account.

1) Login to the twitter account.

2) Click on the profile icon and then choose settings & privacy.

how to delete twitter account when someone passes away - settings

3) Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on Deactivate my account.

how to deactivate someones twitter account after death - option

4) After reading the deactivation information, click on Okay button.

5) Finally, it will ask you for user’s twitter account password. Type in the password. That’s it.

Twitter will take 30 days to delete the account after the request. Do not login again to the twitter account within this 30-day period, as it will reactivate the account.

Close Twitter Account of the Deceased Person

If you are looking for how to close Twitter account of a deceased person, then twitter has a feature. Follow the below steps to report to Twitter to delete the account of that user.

1) Open the twitter account privacy URL for requesting the deletion of the account of the dead person.

2) On this page, choose “I want to request the deactivation of a deceased or incapacitated user’s account.” option.

how to close a persons twitter account after they pass away - rquest to twitter

3) Now, scroll down, a report details form will appear.

4) Enter all the required information of the dead user and submit the form.

5) Once all the information is filled and submitted, you will receive an email with further instructions to completely deactivate the account of the user.

Below are the instructions and further information required to Twitter to delete the account.

1) Person’s death certificate copy.
2) Twitter username of the user.
3) A copy of the ID issued by the Government.
4) Some of your information

  • Your full name, contact info, and email address.
  • Your relationship to the user who passed away.
  • A short description of the evidence that this account belongs to the deceased person.

You need to send these documents either via fax or mail. Below is the address & fax number.

Twitter, Inc.
c/o: Trust & Safety
1355 Market St., Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax : 1-415-865-5405

Earlier, Twitter used to provide public tweets archives to the family of the deceased user. But now they have removed it from their policy and now you can only close Twitter account of the dead person.

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