How to Close All Tabs in Safari at Once on iPhone/iPad

Last Updated: March 9, 2017

Are you among the category of users who make use of multiple tabs while browsing using Safari browser on iPhone? If yes, then you might have experienced the irritation of having too many tabs opened at some point in time. This leads to performance issues in some cases. When you finally decide to get rid of all those tabs then you face a hard time closing them. If you have some 15+ tabs opened you have to tap that x icon 15 times which is simply a waste of time and decreases productivity. But there is a trick with which it is possible to close all tabs in Safari at once. In this guide, we share with you 3 ways you can close all tabs in Safari on iOS device.

Close All tabs Safari iOS 9 and iOS 10

Close All Tabs in Safari iOS

We will be mentioning 3 methods and you can choose anyone which suits you the best.

Method 1: Clearing Browsing Data

This is the most aggressive method among the three. Go for this method if you don’t bother about your browsing history. All the history will be deleted if you opt for this option.

1. Open Settings app and select Safari.

2. Under Safari settings, select Clear History and Website Data.

Close All Tabs Safari iOS

That is it. All the tabs will be closed but along with it, all the history will also be gone.

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Method 2: Closing All Tabs Individually

If you didn’t quite like the first method and don’t want to lose browsing history then try this one.

Open Safari browser on iOS device and tap on the tab icon(a couple of windows) at the bottom right corner.

Now you can either tap on x icon on the top left corner of each tab or swipe towards left for every tab.

Close All tabs Safari

This method requires manual effort and kills your important time.

To overcome the shortcomings of first two methods follow the third and last method.

 Method 3: Close All Tabs in Safari At Once

Not many iOS users are aware of this useful Safari feature.

Open Safari browser and long tap on the tab icon(two windows) at the bottom right instead of just tapping it.

You will see two options New tab and Close x Tabs where x will be the number of tabs which are opened at that point in Safari.

Select Close x Tabs.

Close All Tabs in Safari At Once on iPhone/iPad

Voila! All the tabs are closed in a matter of two taps.

This is a handy feature and saves a lot of time in closing tabs if you have a large number of tabs opened.

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So, these are different options you have to close all tabs in Safari on iOS device. We hope the methods were helpful for you and if you think it will be for your friends too, then share this article on social media.


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