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Do you travel on the train quite often? Or just made a reservation and want to check whether your ticket has been confirmed or not. Ever sat on the platform waiting and wondering where is my train? There are various methods and ways in which you can get to know the status of a train. You can do it just from your smartphones or computer. There are apps and websites where you can check the live running status of trains and their locations for Indian and UK trains. So if you are looking for the same kind of service then we have mentioned them here. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

How To Check Live Status Of Train In India

We are going to show you how you can get to know the live status of the train, its location, and even book and get the status of your ticket confirmation. The app and website that we have mentioned are useful only for the Indian railways and services regarding the same. If you are new in India then it can be very useful for you as trains are one of the most important forms of traveling here.

Method 1 – Train Status Using Trainman App

1. We are going to check the live train status using the Trainman application. Head over to the Play Store or the App Store, download and install it on your device.

Train live running Status - Trainman App

2. Open the application, now, here you can log in using Facebook, Truecaller, Email id or even using your mobile number. You can even skip the login and use the application as a guest.

3. Once logged in using your desired method, you will see the main dashboard of the application. There you will have various options like PNR status, Running Status, Seat Availability, etc. Select Running Status.

How To Check Live Running Status Of Train

4. Now it will ask you to input the name or code of the train for which you want to check the live running status. Enter it and select Search and then select the train from the list.

Check Live Running Status of train

5. After that, it will show you the status of the rain, the station is about to reach, the train route and history of its travel from the initial station. You can even save its route for offline usage and also share the screenshots with any of your desired contacts from this app itself.

PNR status and live train status

This app will let you check the train PNR status, seat availability and even book the tickets. It will also let you search the coach position and put up any queries regarding the train. You can also access all these services using their website both on PC or smartphones. Just enter train name or code and hit Search, then it will show the running status and its current location on the browser.

live running status of train - trainman website

Method 2 – Using Ixigo Trains

1. Ixigo Train is also similar to the above application that you can download for both Android and iOS devices.

check live running status of train - ixigo train

2. After installing, open the app and on the main dashboard, you will see various options just like the above app. To check live running status, select Running Status.

check live running status of train mobile

3. Now enter the train name or code for the desired train. It will show the list as you write the name or code, select or tap on the desired from the drop-down list.

train status live - where is my train

4. After you tap on the train name from the drop-down list, you’ll be able to see its live running status, travel history, the station it has crossed and the station it is yet to reach, the platform it will arrive, its departure and arrival timings. If you wish then you can Share Running Status as a screenshot to other users or contacts.

ixigo trains - IRCTC PNR and live running status

You can also use this app to know the PNR status, seat availability, and even booking plane or bus tickets. In addition to all this, Ixigo also lets you know the timing of local metro trains of the available states. And this app can be used offline to know the status of the train.

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Check Live Running Status Of Train In UK

If you are living in the United Kingdom and looking for ways to get to know the timings and real-time location of the trains, then we have also mentioned a website that will let you know the same. Let’s check it out.

1. Visit thetrainline.com. Here you can know the arrival and departure time for any of the trains available on their website.

2. Select the station from which you are going to travel and the destination station. You can choose whether you want to see arrival or departure timings. Then select Show departure or Show arrival as per your selection.

Check Live train running status for UK

3. After this, it will show the list of stations, time of arrival or departure and the map with the current live status of the train and the station it is at, on the right side of the screen as shown above.

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Wrapping Up

Now never miss a train with the help of these apps and websites that will let you know the live running status and all the information you need regarding your train journey. And the best thing they all are free and easy to use. Do you know any other service better than them?

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