How to use different WhatsApp font style while sending messages

Last Updated: October 1, 2016

There are a lot of WhatsApp tutorials, tricks we share at TechUntold, you can find a short summary of all the WhatsApp tricks and hacks by following the link. Here we are again with another WhatsApp hack with which you can send WhatsApp messages in a different font. Apart from making messages bold, italics and strikethrough now, you can even make use of a different WhatsApp font style in Android, iOS app and WhatsApp web.

Change WhatsApp font style

If you are bored of the same default WhatsApp font then it is a good news for you. WhatsApp released a new font by the name of FixedSys. In this tutorial, we will share how to use the new font in your messages.

Change WhatsApp Font Style

The hack is the same for WhatsApp Web, Android and iOS app. There is a slight difference between Android and iOS which I will  share.

In order to use the new font to send WhatsApp message, you need to make use of ` character three times before and three times after the message. For instance –

WhatsApp font style trick
Notice the three characters before and after the message

Once you send it, the special character before and after the message will disappear and the message will be delivered in a different Font style!

For WhatsApp Web

The character ` can easily be found on the keyboard.

For iPhone/iPad

On WhatsApp iOS app, character ` is somewhat hidden. To get it, switch to number keyboard. On number keyboard long press/tap apostrophe(‘) character and select the leftmost character from the options that appear.

Change WhatsApp font style

For Android

It is much simpler in Android compared to iOS app. Simply switch to the number keyboard and you will find the character ` there.

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Apart from these, you can customize messages on WhatsApp by making them bold, italics and strikethrough.

  • For italics – Add _ before and after the message
  • For bold – Add * before and after the message
  • For strikethrough – Add ~ before and after the message

We hope that you like this WhatsApp trick and will enjoy new font style in WhatsApp. Share this with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter for unknown WhatsApp tricks.



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