How to Change Swipe Options in Mail on iPhone or iPad

Last Updated: June 28, 2017

The options presented while swiping on an Email in iOS Mail app comes in handy when you wish to flag, archive or delete an Email on the fly. Even though there aren’t too many options but still they can be used to save a lot of time by taking actions on the Email without opening it. It might happen that the options you are having currently are not really useful to you. If that is the case then follow this quick guide to change swipe options in Mail on iPhone or iPad.

By default, the Swipe Left option is set to Flag with Archive and More(3 dots) as other choices. Using right swipe gesture you can mark an Email as read/unread.

Default Swipe options in iOS Mail app
Default Left & Right Swipe Options

In an earlier guide, I shared how you can switch to Delete Email from Archive option. So, in this tutorial let us see how to change other swipe(left and right) options.

Change Mail Swipe Options on iPhone or iPad

1. Open Settings and select Mail.

2. Under Mail tap on Swipe Options.

Mail Swipe settings iOS

3. Tap on Swipe Left in Swipe Options screen.

4. Select the desired swipe option. The available choices are Mark as Read, Move Message or None.

Change Mail Swipe Options on iPhone

5. Go one step back and tap on Swipe Right to change the swipe choice for right swipe in the mail. On the next screen, select the option you are more likely to use.

With this, you have changed the swipe options. To confirm, launch the Mail app and swipe left and right on any mail. You should the options you selected in the steps above.

Mail Swipe Options Changed on iPhone

We hope that changing this little setting will go a long way in improving productivity. while working with Emails on iOS Mail app. Now, you know that it is possible to delete, archive, move or Flag Email with a swipe so why wait? Go ahead and choose the right options for you.

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