How to Change Google Chrome Theme

As we know that Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers because its robustness.  Apart from other features Google is able to give a decent interface to its browser. But still many users like to change the interface to make it look stylish, which can be done by changing the Google Chrome theme. Below are the two ways to change the Google Chrome theme.

Procedure to Change Google Chrome theme

You can install any number of themes to you Chrome browser. The below procedure will make your Google Chrome browser look stylish with multiple themes.

1) Visit Google Chrome Web Store

2) Search for themes using the search box located on top left hand side. You will see different sections like Apps, Extensions and Themes.

3) Click on Themes sections and you will be navigated to the themes page. You can look for the desired theme and finalize by rating and reviews.

4) Click on the blue colored Free button. This will download a theme file on your system and then the theme will be added automatically to your Google Chrome browser.

NOTE: If you have installed multiple themes, you cannot restore any of those themes as Google has restricted their users to use single theme. For what reasons Google has done this no one knows, again you have to install the theme.

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Alternative way to Change Google Chrome Theme

The alternative way to change Google Chrome theme: Open Google Chrome click on the menu icon at the top right hand side and click on the Settings. A new window will open, under Appearance click on Get Themes button. It will navigate you directly to the themes page where you can install the themes for Google Chrome.

After having a look on theme you can give ratings & reviews accordingly. This article would have definitely helped you to change Google Chrome theme. Your thoughts are welcomed.


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