How To Change Font Style In Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are very popular now. They are useful if you don’t want to post permanently on your profile or you just want to share what you are up to. Instagram introduced a new update a few weeks back regarding its story feature. Now you can use cool fonts other than the normal (Classic) font that you type in the stories. Currently, they have given just four types of new fonts but they are way cooler than the regular font. Here is how you can change font style in Instagram stories on Android and iPhone app.

Change Font Style In Instagram Stories

  1. Open Instagram. Go to stories camera by swiping right on the home page or taping on the Camera icon at the top left.
  2. Click a picture you want to share or upload from Gallery/Camera Roll as usual. Tap Aa icon on top right to add text and type the desired text.change font style in Instagram Stories
  3. Now, you can switch font by tapping on the current font type name on the top. That means you need to tap on Classic initially. With this, the font will switch to Modern. Similarly, you can use other fonts. Also, it is possible to change the font style after typing the text.
  4. It is possible to adjust the font size using two fingers to pinch and zoom. Also, you can change the text color and make it more appealing using the color palettes at the bottom.

Here are some screenshots from Instagram Android app, but the iOS version is also almost similar.

The first one is the Classic one which is pretty normal and set as the default font style for any post.

Secondly, The Modern font which makes every letter of the text capital and last line larger than the previous one.

modern Instagram font

Then we have the radiating Neon font which is too catchy. I personally liked it in blue color.

neon font Instagram Stories

The next one is Typewriter that suits best with any minimal or vintage picture. You can even add a background to text by tapping on A icon like for Classic font.

Instagram Story font style - typewriter

Lastly, you have the Strong font that is not much different than the Classic one but little more captivating.

strong font in Instagram story

Now you know about the amazing fonts by which your stories on Instagram can be enriched. Changing the font style option is not just for pictures & videos, but also for type stories and boomerangs. You can also have different fonts for different sentences in the same story.

Try them and let us know your experience in the comments below.


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