Commands To Change Directory In CMD

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CMD or Command prompt provides access to various functions and folders by simply using commands. You can browse through any available hard drive location or directory and even open folders directly in command prompt. Well as most of us don’t use CMD that much, few users know that you can change directory to any available drive and then use that directory to browse the required folder. In this article, we are going to show you ways you can change directory in CMD and open folders using cmd command line. So let’s see how.

Change Directory In CMD

Change The Directory Or Drive

1. Once inside the command prompt, you will be able to see that the default directory is the C drive.

how to change directory in CMD

2. Now if you want to change the directory to any other drive simply write the name of the drive with ‘:‘ in front of it and hit enter.

change directory in command prompt

For example, here we have changed from the C drive to H drive. So we have written H: and hit enter. Now you can see the directory will show for the H: drive instead of C:

Navigate To A Folder In The Directory

1. Once you are inside the desired Directory, Simply use the CD command to open any required folder inside that directory.

2. We have opened the vevo folder inside the H drive by simply writing ‘CD vevo‘ and then hitting enter. Similarly, you can also open a subfolder with the same command once inside a folder.

Navigate To A Folder In The Directory

3. As you can see, now we are inside the vevo folder. If you wish to open the folder and see its content in command prompt simply type dir and hit enter.

open a folder in cmd

Then it will show you the contents of the folders, file names and their sizes too. You can do this to open any required folder. Just go to the directory and type dir command in front of the folder which you want to open.

open a folder in command prompt

4. Now if you wish to go back to the root folder or the directory from where you started, type CD\ and it will take you to the top of the tree from where the directory starts. To come out of individual folder when navigating between subfolders you need to use cd..

navigate to the top of the directory

Similarly, you can open any folder in the directory using this method.

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With these commands and following the steps above, you can easily change the directory, navigate files and even open folder/subfolder using the command prompt. Hope you got the method. In case of any issues regarding these commands feel free to contact us in the comments down below.

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