How To Change Default Search Engine On Microsoft Edge

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If you’ve just started using Microsoft Edge, then you must have realized that it uses Bing as its default search engine. Now, some people may be okay with Bing, but most people actually prefer other search engines like Google. But since you’re new on Microsoft Edge, you probably don’t know how you can change the default search engine on it. And not being able to do anything about it and using Bing out of necessity can be frustrating. However, we’re here to save you from that same frustration.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can change the Microsoft Edge default search engine from Bing to Google, or to some other search engine. Also, we’re going to guide you to do that on the Microsoft Edge mobile browser. If, of course, you’re using it on your mobile. So, let’s just get straight into it.

We just love giving something additional to you. That is why in the article, we’ve also included a guide to Set Your Desired Search Engine As Microsoft Edge Homepage at the end.

Change Default Search Engine On Microsoft Edge

Switching from Bing to Google on Edge is pretty easy if you follow these steps:-


1. The very first thing you have to do is open the homepage of your desired search engine in Microsoft Edge so that the browser could detect it. Like, if I want to set Google as my default search engine, then first, I would open it in a tab.

2. When you’re done with it, click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the browser screen.

browser menu

3. A menu will open up with various options, click on Settings.

microsoft edge settings

4. Now, within the settings panel, you’ll see 4 settings options i.e, General, Privacy and Security, Password and Autofill, and Advanced. You have to click on the Advanced tab.

advanced settings

(Note: If you don’t see these options, then it’s maybe because they are hidden. You can expand them by clicking on the left arrow icon.)

expand menu

5. In the Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom to see the Address Bar Search option. Under that, click on the ‘Change Search provider’ option.

change default search engine on Microsoft Edge

6. Now, you’ll see all the discovered search engines along with the default one. Just select the search engine you want to use and then click on ‘Set as Default‘ option.

choose search engine

That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your default search engine on Microsoft Edge.


If you’re using Microsoft Edge on an Android smartphone, then follow these steps to change the default search engine:-


1. As soon as you launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your mobile, you’ll see a three-dot icon at the center bottom of the screen. Tap on it.

three dot icon

2. Now, select the ‘Settings’ option.

mobile browser settings

3. Under the basic settings only, you’ll find the ‘Default Search Engine’ option which you need to select.

default search engine settings

4. Finally, you’ll see almost all the search engines in the list. Just select the one which you wish to use.

change default search engine on Microsoft Edge android


Below are the steps if you’re an iOS user:-

1. In the Edge homepage, tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

microsoft edge menu in iOS

2. Next, go to Settings.

open settings

3. Within settings, find the ‘Advanced Settings’ option and tap on it.

advanced browser settings in ios

4. Finally, in the Advanced Settings, you’ll see the Search Engine option at the top.

Search engine option

5. When you tap on that, you’ll see your default search engine along with the ‘Others‘ option. Tap on it.

other search engines

6. Now, you’ll see other search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, etc. Just select the desired one and then tap on DONE. (Note: If you don’t see any other search engine besides Google, then open that search engine’s homepage once in the browser.)

save new search engine as homepage

Set Your Desired Search Engine As Microsoft Edge Homepage

Usually, when you open Microsoft Edge, by default a page opens up on its own; most probably MSN. So, what you can do is set Google or any other search engine as your homepage, so that it automatically opens up when you launch the browser. Of course, you have to follow these steps to do so:-

1. First, open the browser menu by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top right corner.

browser menu

2. Now, like you usually do to open settings, click on the Settings option.

microsoft edge settings

3. Under General settings, click on the Down arrow below the ‘Open Microsoft Edge With’ option.

homepage options

4. Next, set it to ‘A Specific Page or pages’ settings.

a specific page or pages

5. Finally, just type in or paste the URL of your desired search engine and click on the save icon right in front of the box. (In my case, I’ve entered the URL of Google so that it automatically opens up when the browser is launched.)

search engine URL

Now one additional thing before you leave. Apparently, you can also enable the Home button within the browser settings. And after that, you can assign a different search engine or page for the button.

home page button

Now, whenever you click on the home button, which will be seen on the top left corner of the screen, you’ll be taken to the assigned page or search engine.

home button

Changing The Default Search Engine – Should You Really Bother?

We have seen and used a couple of search engines up till now. And as a user, you have to ask yourself if a particular search engine actually matters that much to you. Because if not, then you can give Microsoft Edge’s default search engine a try; in this case, Bing. Although, if for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the default search engine, then you can always use the discussed method to change it.

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