CES 2016: Volkswagen announces e-Golf Touch and Budd-e

As the rumors have led to, the Volkswagen’s CES 2016 press conference was indeed impressive and what we encountered was an upskilled Volkswagen Golf called e-Golf Touch and a futuristic looking upgrade to our beloved and bikini girls’ first choice, the Volkswagen Bus, called Budd-e. The names and upgrades fits Volkswagen’s culture.CES 2016 volkswagen egolf touch and budd e

The conference as expected started with some apologies and promises to never break the customer’s trust as recently Volkswagen happened to be a victim of a major scandal regarding fitting its millions of vehicles with some software that fakes the emissions data while in reality the engines were emitting the pollutants up to 40 times what is allowed in the US! No matter the company screwed up but it is promising to take care of the customers and their cars and claimed that it has already started working on the millions of vehicles in the Europe and thousands of them in the US. The scandal ended up in Matthias Mueller, the former boss of Porsche being the new chairman of the board of directors as Mr. Winterkorn resigned immediately.

“We are confident we will find an effective solution for affected US vehicles and our valued customers. Once again, we are committed to making things right. We are focused on ensuring that something like this can never happen again at Volkswagen.” Mueller said.

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Apology accepted.  Let’s move on to the announcements. The e-Golf Touch was announced today which was all about the Volkswagen’s next-generation user interface. The e-golf touch comes with a custom designed new generation of infotainment area with a 9.2 inch touchscreen having a resolution of 1280×640. There is a huge screen behind the steering wheel too. The system also consists of inductive charging and USB-C connector for the cell phones. The watch app for the e-gold Touch will be able to receive the current speed and condition of the car (Teenagers be like: WTF!). The car will be available in the next couple of years as claimed.CES 2016 volkswagen egolf touch and budd e car

Next up is the Budd-e. The former model, the Microbus was impressive enough but this is something that fits the definition of a trendsetter. Tron like LED lights going on the front grill and a complete futuristic redesign of our beloved bus did not disappoint us. How hard is Volkswagen trying to make up for the screw up? Release all electric vehicles! The top of Budd-e looks like a giant solar panel and it might be the first internet-of-cars device. “The BUDD-e looks, thinks, [and] understands us. It really is a BUDD-e.”

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The Budd-e responds to your voice commands to open the door, play music, and check transmission (maybe) and whatnot. It is the future and it is truly a social car according to the folks at VW.

The conference ended up talking about how internet-of-things can be a game changer and how other home devices can be controlled right from the Budd-e. Now maybe Volkswagen is concentrating on “The People’s car”.


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