CES 2016: Sony showed off its 4k Handycam, Hi-res audio range, IoT vision and extra BASS products

At CES yesterday, the technology giant, Sony, felt the need to bring back the emotional value that the products hold when they are seen as a medium for entertainment and a storage house for endless memories. Kazuo Hirai, the President and CEO of Sony Corporation was excited about how products from Sony add value to your emotions. “Every new innovation should add value, and connect with you at an emotional level”, he said.

CES 2016 Sony

With the event being not so impressive as we were expecting something palatable like a refreshed PS Vita or some sentences exciting enough to let us peek into the future of PlayStation, Sony was ridiculously stretching the event showing off its new HandyCam with 4k video recording. We all know it’s the year of 4k when Samsung and LG have already stuffed us with the 4k electronics this CES that developing nostalgia about the days of Sony with a HandyCam was tiring. Kaz talked about some statistics that every CEO does in a press conference. Sony sold 35.9 million units of PS4 out of which around 5.7 million were sold in the holiday season alone.

The 4k Handycam is called FDR-AX53 and has a new Exmor-R sensor. For those who don’t know Exmor-R is a back-illuminated version of Sony’s CMOS sensor for capturing images which allows capturing high definition movies and stills in low light and this is where FDR-AX53 must stand out when Sony explicated through some examples of how beautifully its current Alpha A7II takes pictures in low light conditions which is also wearing the Exmor technology.

CES 2016 Sony Products

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After a long discussion on photos and Handycam, Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics COO and President moved on to unveil the high-resolution headphones and speakers under the family name called here (Sony spells it as h.ear). The line includes headphones, earbuds and speakers that look wireless. A record player called PS-HX500 was also announced that mimics the novelty of vinyl to the traditional digital file. It is a USB turnable that takes you back to the days of vinyl records carefully disguising as a modern world electronic.

Mike also announced some Bluetooth wireless speakers and headphones especially for the bass lovers. They are under their Extra BASS line. When moving on to smart home devices under the theme “Smart Space UX”, Mike gives an idea of how Sony is engaging itself in making efforts to turn your house into a smart home. Mike showed the light bulb that doubles as a speaker and a tiny projector to give us a hint.

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While we were turning to the end of the event Mike announced Pinnacle model X93D TV with HDR which is equally elegant from behind. Why would I want to watch a TV from behind even when it is elegant? A prototype technology called Backlight Master Drive which is expected to produce markedly deeper blacks was announced followed by the proclamation of a new 4k video app called Ultra which will deliver ultra-high resolution 4k movies and TV on demand.

The event ended with no news on the PlayStation section other than a video showing how awesome PlayStation 4 and Morpheus go together with over 100 titles under development to support PlayStation VR.


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