CES 2016: Samsung refreshes almost everything from home appliances to wearables

Clearly at this year’s CES, Samsung was one company that didn’t fail to impress us with its huge line of electronics it announced for the year at the press conference. Samsung kept some strategies in mind to deal with the problems of the consumer and deliver the best experience through their products. Tim Baxter, President and COO of Samsung Electronics America talked about how Samsung is trying its best to bring out the notion of ‘smarter life’and quickly pulls out the SmartThings Extend USB Adapter, a new dongle-like device that can be used to control over 200+ SmartThings compatible devices. The adapter will be free of cost for people who are going to purchase the 2016 Samsung Smart TV.ces 2016 samsung refreshes from home appliances to wearables - usb adapter

Baxter continued with the presentation and talked about the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem starting with the announcement of Samsung Pay in Australia, Singapore and Brazil followed by the information on availability of more than 400 titles for the Gear VR. Samsung is also jumping into the world of 360 degrees professional video cameras. Project Beyond is the world’s first full automated 360 degree professional virtual reality camera. It looked like a brother of $60,000 Nokia OZO.

Samsung Project Beyond

ces 2016 samsung refreshes from home appliances to wearables - smart tv
Smart TV

As Baxter retired from stage, Joe Stinziano, an executive Vice President announced the new smart TV called KS9500. “This is the world’s first bezel-less curved design,” Stinziano says. The smart TV has a new technology called “Quantum dot color” that allows you to view deeper blacks and are specifically designed to accommodate the brightly lit rooms where maximum of the American population watches their favorite shows. Starting from 49 inches and going up to 88 inches, these displays are cadmium-free. The Samsung’s Trizen platform was also updated which recognizes your set-top boxes and cuts the unnecessary effort to change the cables when you want to watch Netflix and chill and guess what, a new Samsung universal remote for every device you connect to your TV. The Trizen platform automatically takes care of everything to deliver seamless content experience. There were other TV features including a service called Extra that tells you about the player profiles when playing games on the new Samsung TV since Samsung is going to deliver games OTA for console-less gaming. SmartView is another rip off of AirPlay so you already know what it is.

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ces 2016 samsung refreshes from home appliances to wearables - Blu-Ray player
UltraHD Blu-Ray Player

Samsung is working on an UltraHD Blu-Ray player called UBD-K8500 that will play the content in 4k. Now moving on to the home appliances. Starting off with new front-loading washing machines that can be paused in case you forgot to put your just found sock hiding under bed for weeks. You can now check the state of the home appliances even when you are outside your home and also operating them remotely. The fridges announced were terrific with a 21.5-inch touchscreen panel called “the family hub”. You can send the messages to you family at home while you are away and can even shop for groceries right from your fridge. ‘Groceries by MasterCard’ is now working with Samsung and the suppliers to shop for you and deliver the groceries right on your door.ces 2016 samsung wearables

Moving on to the wearables. Alana Cotton, VP at Samsung proclaimed the two new Gold and Platinum versions of Samsung Gear S2 classic smartwatch. The Gear S2 compatibility with the iOS will roll out later this year. While moving on to the end of the conference Samsung announced its new Galaxy Tab Pro S, their new addition to the already confusing line of the galaxy tabs.

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ces 2016 samsung refreshes from home appliances to wearables - tabs
Samsung Tabs

In all it was ridiculously tough to keep up with such huge number of announcements this year’s at Samsung’s conference. More on CES is coming up, stay tuned.


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