CES 2016: Qualcomm press conference update

As we moved from one to another, the conferences were getting really predictable because this CES was all about the IOT and autonomous cars and sick amount of sensors as we have already repeated it in our previous posts. We were pretty sure about Qualcomm to follow the trend and introduce some weird CPUs for cars.

CES 2016 Qualcomm updates
Qualcomm press conference at CES 2016


Qualcomm’s CEO, Steven Mollenkopf started the conference with some sick statistics including Qualcomm’s investment of a whopping $38 billion dollars in R&D. Immediately after that Mollenkopf announced the new Snapdragon 820 which he believes is the “most advanced SOC in the world.” The chip provides up to 40% increase in graphics performance, 2x faster CPU and up to 33% faster peak download speeds. Mollenkopf moved on with announcing the Letv Le Max Pro, which is the name of the first smartphone that is fitted with this beastly processor. The Le Max Pro has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which lets you use it anywhere on the phone, even under the screen or the back of the phone or on the metal. It also deals with the moisture which is the biggest obstacle in today’s Apple TouchID.

The flagship’s announcement was ridiculously transitory and Mollenkopf quickly introduced Snapdragon 602A automotive processor which is coming to Audi’s latest convoy. Ricky Hudi from Audi informed that Qualcomm is the centerpiece of Audi’s in-car technology. A5 will be the first Audi to rock the Snapdragon 602A following by other models in 2017. “I’m convinced Qualcomm’s future roadmap is packed with the right technology for smarter and safer cars,” Hudi said. The chip seems like a control core of the infotainment center and other connectivity stuff.

CES 2016 Qualcomm 602A
Mollenkoph announcing 602A

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Now about the Snapdragon 820, but this time it’s for cars. Mollenkopf touted this 64-bit chip as it has GPS and GLONASS all in one chip. The chip can connect to LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has machine intelligence for ADAS. The chip uses deep learning to understand the roadmaps and also notifies driver if he has been looking away from the road for long time (say a few seconds) while driving. The chip provides enough power to provide a high-speed LTE network with over 600Mbps of downloading speed. These chips are upgradable as the future chips get announced.

CES 2016 Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
Snapdragon 820 for cars running maps and info seamlessly

“The smart home is a very interesting area.” Qualcomm started talking up its Snapdragon 212 Smart Home reference platform that links all of your home devices – washing machines, TV, microwave and what not. Smart homes and Internet of Things, we know all about that but CES wants more. What else was expected other than an announcement on drones. Qualcomm is partnering with Tencent to develop a product based on Snapdragon Flight Platform.

CES 2016 Qualcomm Tencent Drone
Tencent drone

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These were the major announcements by Qualcomm at this year’s CES. Although they sound not so different from Intel or any other major company but we all know how Qualcomm rules with its Snapdragon line and now when it is diving into the world of autonomous cars and whatnot, the possibilities are endless.

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