CES 2016: Nikon releases D5, D500 and a 360° camera

Nikon’s press conference at this year’s CES was the one event for which everybody was expecting something big and Nikon kind of did not let us down when Nobuyoshi Gokyu, Senior Vice President of Imaging at Nikon announced its two new DSLR cameras. One being the most anticipated addition to Nikon’s family, the D5. D5 was unveiled with a tagline of “I am vision outperformed” which complements its technical excellence and features the D series provides the end users. D5 has a brand new 20.8 megapixel FX-format sensor, an all-new auto-focus system and the optical viewfinder which is way more responsive than the mirror-less cameras.

CES 2016 Nikon

The D5 has a touchscreen input and comes with the built-in 4k video support.

The true test of the Nikon D5 is whether it delivers on this promise in the hands of a professional

says Gokyu followed by showing how D5 fits for both sports photography like the D4 as well as for fashion photography and other domains as well. Getty Images, Matthias Hangst further supports this sturdy piece of technology by describing his hands-on experience with D5 while capturing photos in real world at sports including soccer, gymnastics and water polo. The promising experience D4 has given to the world’s leading photographers there is no doubt that D5 will continue to make the experience even more enhanced.


CES 2016 Nikon D5
Nikon D5

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Under the tagline “I am condensed power”, Gokyu announced the second DSLR for the evening called the D500. It is the new top-of-the-line DX-format DSLR. It has the same processor and autofocus system as the D5. It also has a touchscreen input, ability to shoot at 10fps and upto a limit of 200 continuous shots when capturing in RAW mode. The D500 comes with advanced smart device connectivity and is the first camera to feature the new SnapBridge which is the new way Nikon’s products connect with each other in the ecosystem. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy with always-on connectivity and is described as “the next step in helping cameras and smart devices communicate seamlessly.”


Nikon D500 CES 2016
Nikon D500

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The most exciting news for the evening apart from getting a revision on the D series was the launch of the Nikon’s 360 degrees action camera. The name is Keymission 360 and the technology has been developed with keeping virtual reality in mind. Nikon believes that entering into the action segment is a significant milestone for them and with Keymission 360 they have made a bold step towards the future of 360 degrees imaging and video recording. Keymission 360 is shock proof to 2 meters or 6.6 feet height and is waterproof up to a depth of 30 meters or 100 feet. Though it looks really promising than Ricoh Theta line particularly the Theta S which is the only accessible 360 degree video camera and GoPro’s FOV, the price and image quality will be the key criteria to decide its worth. There is no word given about the price yet.

CES 2016 Nikon
Nikon 360 Degree camera

Nikon’s CES 2016 was a boom! More CES news coming right up.


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