CES 2016: Netflix now in India along with 130 new countries

The worldwide provider of on-demand internet streaming media, Netflix, is finally in India. This can be the most awaited CES news for a lot of us people who are crazy about western TV series and movies. At CES yesterday Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings announced that the streaming service will be available to people in more than 130 new countries including India, Nigeria, Russia and South Korea.

CES 2016 Netflix

According to Hastings consumers are willing to pay a fair price rather than resorting to piracy. Launching to these new number of countries requires a lot of paper work and endless square routes to actually make the content adhering to the needs as well as following the guidelines what the officials in different countries have requested. As a result China is still out of the list of the countries who will enjoy the new streaming service which has already started providing its services.

In India, the service is divided into three different subscription plans: Basic, Standard and Premium. The Basic plan is for INR 500/month and allows you to watch the content only on one screen at a time with no HD or Ultra HD content. Standard can be subscribed for INR 650/month and Premium for INR 800/month. Standard can give you access to HD content and two screens at the same time to watch content on. Premium plan has HD as well as Ultra HD with the content accessible to 4 screens at the same time. The service is upgradable and cancellable at any time. The unlimited movies and TV shows can be viewed on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet.

CES 2016 Netflix in India

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While the first month of the service is free, the internet speeds in our country might be a hindrance when subscribing to the service. Though Reed Hastings was pretty much excited at the conference telling that the world has now 3.2 billion active users of internet and even if five hundred a month sounds a pretty fair deal but are people in our country going to continue to pay? In other words will it actually be a service worth paying for? We’ll see in a month.

I’m waiting for the days when my friends will have an option of saying “Netflix and chill” when it comes to making plans at weekend. 


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