CES 2016: LG shows off fancy home appliances and its interest in cars and IoT

This CES, LG showed off its entirely new range of home appliances starting from a television and then to a smart washing machine, an air purifier and finally a pretty cool refrigerator. The tagline for the conference, “Innovation for a better life” stood up with its meaning when President of LG Electronics USA, William Cho unveiled the new line of LG‘s Signature products. LG Signature products are the “ultra-premium” pieces of home appliances that are expected to make your life easier.

CES 2016 LG
Skott Ahn, President and Chief Technology Officer at LG described the new Signature line starting with the television. The TV is a very slim OLED panel attached to a sheet of glass which makes it only 2.57 millimeters thick and makes it as thick as four credit cards stacked together. “There’s nothing at all to distract the viewer from the picture.” The television is claimed to have a powerful speaker system that doubles as a stand which can be folded behind the glass for a seamless wall mount. The TV can display beautiful artworks when turned off and an OLED display means the blacks will be deeper than ever. To facilitate the 4k capabilities of its Signature TV, UHD Alliance’s President, Hanno Basse was there to appreciate the new technology.

LG Signature at CES 2016

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Next up is the washing machine. The LG Signature washing machine has touchscreen controls to handle the main washer and the mini washer that eventually makes it having two washers in one machine. The washer doubles as the drier and has ridiculously low noise levels which are taken care of by the “Centum System” as LG calls it. Next to the washing machine was an air purifier which can filter out particles as small as one micrometer. The last thing on stage was a smart refrigerator. When you knock on the door the exterior panel lights up and becomes transparent so that you don’t have to actually open it to see the availability of the contents. Cool eh? No because the door opens itself when you are close enough to the refrigerator. Now that’s cool! However, the refrigerator does not closes the door because daddy didn’t teach it to. There is a so called Wi-Fi display fitted inside the fridge which displays the temperature and regular stuff but I’m making a guess that it must send the data to your smartphone about the conditions inside the cold container.

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LG also expressed its interest in cars when it envisions to transform all the interior surfaces of the car using a “panoramic information display”. LG also showed its interest in IOT when Gayathri Rajan, Google’s VP of product management for Brillo said how important LG can be when it comes to making devices smart.
In all we’ve got the Signature line with a TV, washing machine, refrigerator and an air purifier, LG’s interest in cars and Internet-of-things from this year’s LG’s conference in CES 2016. Stay tuned for more on CES 2016.


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