CES 2016: Intel is all about sensors from sports to health to work and more

This year at CES, Intel was all about the integration of technology in everyday life, from sports and wellness to creativity of the individual, to even doing a fireworks show using just drones.  Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich emphasized on how Intel is everywhere and how its technology is integrated in almost every domain that people care about.  Intel was “able to completely redefine the firework experience,” he says while showing off the drones that do the same work as fireworks where the only difference is that there is zero pollution.

Intel CES 2016 Sports
Intel Curie and BMX Biking

The event was narrowed to ‘experience Intel’ in three different categories: sports and gaming, health and wellness and finally, creativity. When talking about sports and gaming, Krzanich talked about how Intel is constantly developing powerful technology to run new world games seamlessly. By showing how through some photos from different angles you can be the character in the Fallout 4, Intel is taking the gaming and its experience seriously. As far as the sports experiences go, Intel also wants to reinvent that for the spectators by providing you experience from any angle even when you are not there using “freeD free dimensional video” from Replay Technologies. Intel wants to take this experience to every sport in the world.

Intel CES 2016 Games
Fallout 4 character

The exciting part of the conference was actually seeing Intel Curie in action. Intel Curie is a low-power hardware device which comes under 10 USD. This extremely cheap technology can do terrific tasks like gathering real-time data while biking and drawing a 3-D map of the biker. Intel shows off its dominance in myriad of sports events like X Games and RedBull events where Intel sensors rule the work of gathering important data.

Next is the drone called Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel RealSense technology. For those who are unaware, Intel RealSense is a platform for implementing gesture-based Human-Computer interaction techniques. Krzanich claims that any commercially available drone will not be able to sense and dodge obstacles like Yunnec Typhoon H. It will be available for around $2000.

Intel CES 2016 Drones
Yuneec Typhoon H

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Krzanich announces Intel’s partnership with Luxottica which is the world’s largest commercial eyewear manufacturer and which also owns Oakley. The company is working on what looks like smart eyewear technology that tell you through voice commands your current statistics while performing a sport. The company also partnered with New Balance to develop some personalized shoes that use Intel’s RealSense technology and also with Daqri Smart Helmet to develop a construction site helmet showing cool augmented reality directions to fix things.

Intel’s Curie also excels at making music. A.R Rahman, the famous personality that comes up when we talk about music, made an appearance and demonstrated the gesture-based music using hand bands that incorporated Intel Curie. Intel is trying well to jump into to music industry by announcing its partnership with Haus of Gaga and Grammy’s.

Intel CES 2016
AR Rahman at the conference

Following the Intel’s deal in the music industry, the company also demonstrated a Hoverboard-cum-robot (lets call it he HoBot). The hobots (stop running your brains on the terminology) are “hoverboard butlers” as Intel calls it. Based on the Intel RealSense technology the hobots will do whatever they are instructed to using voice commands. As the wrap was around the corner Intel extols its work in the fashion industry too. Using Intel products to make the designs and actually realizing them as digital art is what Intel wants.

Intel CES 2016 Sensors
Intel hoverboard butler

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The summary: The event felt like Intel telling the world that its experience is everywhere from your home to work to your music and your health. A.R Rahman with others closed the conference through amazing music powered by Intel Curie.


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