CES 2016: Faraday Future debuts it’s pretty cool electric-car concept

At CES this morning, Faraday Future, the US-based and Chinese-backed company which focuses on the development of intelligent electric vehicles and mobility solutions announced and unveiled its FFZERO1, a high-performance concept car. Future Faraday was founded just 18 months ago and is now around 550 employees strong which justifies its quick jump into making a concept this early.

Faraday Future unveils its concept car at CES 2016

The concept looks more like an idea from Tron, but is assuring enough of the capabilities of the company which has seen such sturdy results even when the seed has just been sown. The high-performance concept car seems like a show of expressing Future Faraday’s potential in its upcoming 1- billion dollar  3-million square feet factory in north Lag Vegas. The car is claimed to have 1000 horsepower which means a 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of over 300 kilometers per hour. The company gives a hint about the “limited edition” availability in the next two years. Though we highly doubt the actual availability of the finished produce, we can’t overlook the fast pace at which the company is growing itself. 

Faraday Future release its first electric car

The top view shows the glass roof through which the carbon fiber interior is clearly visible. The car has some other cool features like a headlight that takes me back to Tron, Halo Safety System that supports driver’s head and neck, a smartphone mount in the center of the steering wheel and a helmet that feeds the driver the much required oxygen and water and who can forget the biometric sensors.

Faraday Future unveils Electric car at CES 2016

The Variable Platform Architecture which is the concept’s underlying architecture is touted as being very customizable. The company has designed the platform in such a manner that it is so flexible and modular that we can actually change the size of the platform. According to Nick Sampson, a senior VP at Faraday in charge of engineering and R&D the number and power of the drive systems can be explicitly changed to meet the desired needs. For example, the physical and electrical size of the battery can be changed to get bigger and larger packs and smaller packs both on the electrical and physical size respectively because of the modular nature of the battery architecture. This is completely different when compared to anybody else in the industry.

The flexibility is essential as Faraday is in talks of adopting an unusual business model in which the users will “subscribe” to the plans that will cater to the specific needs of the users. You can request for a family-vehicle one day and just for long rides, subscribe an equivalent of a sporty sedan. The vehicle is a one seater hybrid car with four motors, one for each wheel according to Faraday spokesperson, Stacey Morris. The placement of the motors is also customizable to make the vehicle all-wheels, front-wheels or rear wheels. The batteries are also in the form of strings in which rows of batteries can be removed or added.

Faraday Future Electric Car concept

According to Sampson the company Is working with the biggest and best battery cell supplies this world has seen and customizing the architecture of the battery packs that Faraday requires which will be done in house like Tesla. The company refused to mention the name of their battery supplier.

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The company also announces a “strategic partnership” with media firm LeTV which is the supposed primary investor for Future Farady. “We are two separate companies, but we are leveraging their expertise with technology and content,” Morris says of LeTV, while touting Faraday’s “diverse funding strategy.”

Faraday Future concept car unveiled at CES 2016

While the company believes that the US and China will be the major markets for the future but it is not leaving behind the other countries and is ready to bring its vehicle to the world. It is quite unclear when the factory is going to start its operations but Future Faraday is quite confident in the future of the electric vehicles.


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