Cellebrite is optimistic to crack iPhone 6 too!

The famous case of FBI vs Apple took a turn when FBI announced their success in breaking in to the St. Bernardino culprit’s iPhone 5c. Cellebrite, the company who helped the FBI in cracking the phone is now claiming that they are optimistic that the higher versions of the locked iPhone(s) may be accessed if not, for the government in the future.

The news became popular when an Italian architect Leonardo Fabbretti approached the company to help him access his dead son’s iPhone. Before his death because of bone cancer, 13-year-old Dama Fabbretti had added his father’s fingerprints to access the phone using the TouchID, but after a restart the phone required the passcode which was not known to Leonardo. Apple had told him that it was impossible without the passcode to access the phone, but Leonardo stated that Cellebrite has already made some progress in diving deep to unlock the phone.

Cellebrite hack iPhone

Fabbretti said that he attended the meeting with the people at the company and that it went well. They were able to download the folders having the iPhone’s content but there is still some work to be done. The company told him that they are optimistic about the unlocking and that it is not impossible to do that. Both Apple and Cellebrite are not saying anything about the matter.

FBI last week announced that the hack does not work for the iPhones greater than the 5s including itself but the company is somehow able to crack the iPhone 6, may it be the requirement involving great emotions but the company has constructed a great wall of questions as how the hack was performed given their ‘optimistic’ urges.

Now what about the Secure Enclave? That means that the technology can still allow the hack to penetrate the highly secure iDevices, considering the iPhones here? Or maybe it is just the motivation of letting a father know about his son who is no more in this world? We don’t know what the driving factor is but this discovery by the people at Cellebrite is a matter of concern for the people at Apple! We don’t know what is going to happen in the future but we are smelling an acquisition post ambiguous war between the FBI and Apple.

No matter what happens. What Apple has got is a serious note that their phones are not as secure as they have claimed. There is no doubt that the company is going to devise a new methodology to make their phones more secure and private.


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