8 Of The Best Cell Phone Spy Apps: Check Our Infographic

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We have written about a lot of times about smartphone monitoring apps and software at TechUntold.

We are sure that our readers have found them useful and helped them in tracking their loved one’s smartphones. Based on our past and current experiences we have consolidated a list of best cell phone spy apps. In this article, we will present them to you in visual form.

You will be acting naive if you still underestimate the importance of monitoring kids using their smartphones. There are a lot of threats posed online to kids by cyberbullying and inappropriate content.

Today, when children own a mobile phone at a young age it is imperative to monitor them and get them back on track if they seem to deviate.

You can get to know about their activities by tracking their smartphone using any of the following monitoring apps.

Top 8 Cell Phone Spy Apps

mSpy Pro

mSpy Pro spying app

mSpy is on the top of our list because it offers non-jailbreak solution to track WhatsApp messages.

Apart from that, you can use mSpy for getting call logs, location tracking, monitoring text messages, website history and more.

Get mSpy Pro from their official websiteor read our in-depth review here.


Flexispy spying app

FlexiSpy is right up there with mSpy when it comes to monitoring smartphones.

The smartphone monitoring app is packed with powerful features like live call listen and call recordings apart from just call logs. However, to install  FlexiSpy the target device needs to be jailbroken/rooted.

Get FlexiSpy from their official website.

Spymaster Pro

SpyMaster Pro spying app

Spymaster pro similar to mSpy provides no-jailbreak solution.

Use Spymaster pro to get call logs, track Facebook and WhatsApp messages. It also has features like GPS tracking and photo tracking. Available for Android and iPhone.

Get Spymaster pro from their official website.


GetChat spying app

GetChat can be used if you are only interested in spying on WhatsApp messages. If you are on a tight budget then this app is for you as it is free.

This app, unlike all other apps, needs to be installed on your device and not target device.

Install GetChat from Play Store.

FamiSafe Parental Control App

FamiSafe parental control spying app

FamiSafe let you monitor the activity that your children are having on their smartphones. It also give you information about the locations of your children. The app is designed specifically for kids who are less than 18 years old.

Get FamiSafe from their official website.

MMGuardian Parent App

MMGuardian Parent Spying app

Using this app you can prevent Cyber Bullying by tracking your child’s messages for certain words that you program and every time the word is mentioned then the parent gets a notification on their phone.

Other features include locking the phone for a certain period of time, when they are in school or when they are studying and location tracking.

Get it here: Android | iOS

Lassy Project

LassyProject spying app

Not many know about this but this app stands out from all of the above. It is quite unique in its functioning.

It has the community involved. What this means is, the entire neighborhood has this application installed on their phones and if a child goes missing, an immediate escalation is sent to all the residents by a click of a button.

Know more about Lassy app on their official website.

FamilyTime Parental Control

FamilyTime spying app new

This app provides you another option to monitor smartphones and is available for both Android and iOS.

FamilyTime app offers useful features like limiting screen time, blocking certain apps, geofencing and monitoring driving speeds.

Get it here: Android | iOS

The Best Phone Spy Apps Infographic

We hope you found our list of smartphone monitoring apps useful. Share this article and infographic if you think it adds value.

Don’t forget to share your experience either good or bad while using any of the above apps. If you need more information about free parental control apps, check this post.

Do you know about any other smartphone tracking apps apart from the ones we mentioned here? Let us know in the comments.

And here’s the infographic:

Cell Phone Spy Apps Infographic

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