How to Embed Video in PowerPoint and Word

Embed YouTube video in Powerpoint and word

In this how-to guide, you will learn about embedding a Video in PowerPoint presentation and Word document. You will be able to embed video from your local storage and also YouTube videos in PowerPoint and Word documents after reading this tutorial. We all are aware of the fact that no presentation or document is good enough … Read more

How To Use Instagram Direct On PC or Mac: Use These Three Ways

How to use Instagram Direct on PC

Have you ever thought to use or send Instagram Direct message from the computer? Well, if that is your requirement then I have a few solutions for you in this article. This tutorial will share how to use Instagram Direct on PC or Mac. If you are looking to send Instagram direct messages from the browser … Read more

6 Of The Best Video Editing Software for Mac and Windows For Professionals And Amateurs

Best Video Editing Software

Everybody has said it and I’ll say it as well. Video is the future. Don’t worry; I’m not going to end it like that. Video has been around since almost the beginning of the Internet, but it hasn’t had much of an impact until recently. You can take an advantage of it and start creating … Read more

How to partition Hard disk without formatting in Windows

partition hard drive in windows

In this article, I will tell you how you can use the default feature to partition hard disk without formatting in Windows and without using any software. I have performed the operation in Windows 8 but same steps goes with other versions of Windows (Windows 7/8/10). However there are many software’s available to partition the … Read more

Top 10 Must-Have Software For Windows And Mac

The first applications we knew were the ones on the desktop. With the growth of mobile over the past decade, there has been lesser software created for desktop operating systems. But lest we forget it was desktop applications like the Microsoft Office suite that helped millions of people all over the world and, in turn, … Read more