How To Reduce Wasted Storage Space On A Windows PC

Are you aware that there’s probably a lot of storage space on your PC that is being taken up by files that you don’t need, and never use? Practically every PC has a certain amount of unnecessary files or ‘junk’ – which can start to pile up over time. If you want to start reducing … Read more

How To Use Chkdsk Command In Windows

Chkdsk is short for check disk. It is a very essential command and utility tool that was introduced in Windows XP over 25 years ago now. Interestingly, it is still used in the latest Windows 10 OS. What is basically does is, it scans your hard disk, external disk and USB devices for errors and … Read more

What Is NTUSER.DAT File And Its Purpose On Your PC

Ever been across a file format in your Windows operating system that reads NTUSER.DAT. Firstly, let me tell you that it is a very important system file and it does serve a purpose. These files automatically get created in your personal directory once you make a separate user profile. When someone creates a new user profile … Read more

Set Processor Affinity For Programs On Windows

Your computer comes with multiple CPUs and cores which ranges differently on every PC. Multiple CPUs are utilized by heavy applications in order for them to run smoothly. But in some cases, the lighter applications can also take all the processors in order to execute, which can result in a lag of other applications. That … Read more

What Is SuperFetch And How To Enable/Disable It

Starting with Windows Vista onwards, SuperFetch has been a prominent service provided in Windows computers. For those who are not aware of SuperFetch and how it works, this article will tell you everything that is there to know about it. What SuperFetch does is, it maintains and improves computer’s performance over time. SuperFetch runs in the … Read more