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Add New User in Windows 10 Like a Pro with This Useful Guide

In this Windows tutorial, we are going to cover the following topics related to adding a new Windows 10 user. 1. How to Add New User in Windows 10? 2.

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How to Automatically Empty Recycle Bin on Schedule on Windows 10

Windows users can follow this quick guide to learn how to empty recycle bin automatically on Windows 10. After making this setting Recycle bin will be emptied automatically on schedule

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Convert Videos For Free: HD Video Converter Factory Review

The world of entertainment has transformed from capturing JUST VIDEOS to HD VIDEOS. The digital age is being dominated by HD, UHD and 4K resolution videos. The old legacy software’s

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How to Create QR Code in Microsoft Word

You can use this tutorial to create QR code in Microsoft Word with an easy and quick method. Also, you will be able to customize background and foreground colors of

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How To Recover Deleted Browsing History on Windows

Did you intentionally or accidentally delete your browsing history? In either case, you are here because you want to get it back. Follow this tutorial to recover deleted browsing history

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Top 6 Best Screen Recording Software For Windows [Free]

Get to know about the top 6 best screen recording software for Windows in this article. Here, I am going to share and elaborate about screen recording, which is a

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How to make Windows 10 Boot faster with this Useful Guide

Follow this ultimate guide to speed up Windows 10 Boot Time. Use the tips mentioned and know how to make Windows 10 boot faster by increasing the startup speed. If

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How to delete WhatsApp account permanently

Follow our tutorial on Delete WhatsApp account permanently to get rid of your WhatsApp account on iPhone, Android and Windows. If you rarely use WhatsApp or it has been more

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How to recover deleted Sticky Notes on Windows 7, 8, 10

Follow this tutorial to recover deleted Sticky notes on Windows 7, 8 & 10. Restore accidentally deleted crucial notes with help of an easy method mentioned here. There is no

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How to Revive your Old Netbook Using Linux

Netbooks were an amazing variety of portable computers, the predecessors of today’s tablets and compact laptops. They were small, light, and cheap, equipped with incredibly power-saving hardware which allowed them

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