How to Enable Instagram Two Step Verification Feature

how to enable instagram two step verification

Instagram, which not only carries photos and videos of the user but also the direct messages which are considered as private. You always set a strong password to secure your account, but with Instagram two step verification feature, you can make your account more secure so that no one would be able to log in … Read more

How To Delete Online Accounts When Someone Dies

how to delete online accounts when someone dies

When a person passes away, it gets very important to close all their online accounts including Google and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc. You should completely remove all the accounts so that no one would be able to steal the data. The credentials of the accounts are not required in order to delete … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Tweet More Than 140 Characters on Twitter

Tweet longer than 140 characters

Even though Twitter excluded the usernames/handle and images and videos which took 24 characters from the tweet character count still users might not find 140 characters enough to express themselves. At times, you really need more than this character limit to get your message through. So, to help you out with this situation we mention … Read more

How to Search Emails by Size in Gmail to Find Emails with Large/Small Attachments

Search Emails by Size in Gmail

After a while, your Gmail inbox can turn into a sea of Emails from all sorts of contacts. You get Emails from friends, family, and co-workers too. Not all of them feels that it’s necessary to fill in the subject line. Maybe they were in a hurry or just didn’t care enough to do it. … Read more

How to Turn Off Facebook Pop-up Posts Tabs on Desktop/Website

Turn Off Facebook Pop-up Posts Tabs

The social media behemoth Facebook makes clever moves every now and again. Recently they launched Stories feature to give competition to its rival Snapchat. Another update which has to feature in the latest category has to be pop-up tabs for posts which you are a part of in some way or the other. I started seeing … Read more

How to Share Live Location with Friends on Facebook Messenger

how to share live location using facebook messenger

The live location feature of Facebook will let you share your current location with your friends same as you share your trip progress using Google Maps. You can share live location using Facebook Messenger with one or multiple persons at once. This real-time location sharing feature helps you coordinate with your friend when you are … Read more

[Infographic] Top 9 Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Start Using to Save Time

Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts

In a busy world, we live in today, every minute saved is precious. We often look for hacks which can be used in our daily routines to achieve tasks efficiently and quickly. Keeping that in mind we are here with a Netflix article sharing 9 Netflix keyboard shortcuts Infographic. Using these keyboard shortcuts will not … Read more

How to Bulk Unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail

Unsubscribe from Bulk Newsletters in Gmail

Is your Gmail inbox cluttered with a lot of Emails from multiple newsletters you subscribed to earlier? Subscribing to newsletters of websites which interests you is a really convenient way to receive timely updates from them. Down the line, most of us end up subscribing to too many websites. This results in a plethora of … Read more