10 Best URL Shorteners To Trim Down Link Length

You might have encountered situations where you find some of the links of websites to be very lengthy. Although, there is nothing wrong with long URLs still they don’t look professional. Making these links short is the best method which you can use to share them with other users on social media platforms and even … Read more

Bing Vs Yahoo vs Google: Battle Of The Search Engines

Bing vs Yahoo vs Google

I bet most of you only use Google as your preferred search engine and even the default web page in the browsers is Google. But that doesn’t mean that there are no competitors against it. You might have heard about Bing and Yahoo search engines as well. To be honest, they are the only ones trying to … Read more

7 Websites To Check Domain And Page Authority Of A Website

Websites To Check Domain And Page Authority Of A Website

If you have just started your website and figuring out SEO and page rankings, then you might have come across the term Domain Authority and Page Authority. Basically, it means your website’s ranking on Google page. And there are so many topic and blogs which can make you more confusing. So check out these simple … Read more

13 Of The Best Online Invoice Generator Sites For Startups And Small Companies

Best Online Invoice Generator Sites

Whether you own a big business or just a startup, the invoice is the most important part of it. It can help you keep track of the expenses or orders and works the same for customers through billing. Although there can be a different department particularly working on invoicing if you have a well-established business. But for … Read more

9 Best Stock Photography Websites And Apps For Contributors

If you are into photography and want to earn some extra cash at the same time then stock photography is the best option to get started. There are many websites and apps these days which offers decent earnings for your creativity. So here are the recommendations for best stock photography websites and apps for contributors. … Read more

What Is DRM? Is It Legal To Remove DRM?

Digital Rights Management

With copyright infringements reaching alarming levels every day, piracy is in full swing these days. As a result of this, it becomes very obvious and required on the publisher’s/owner’s part to get concerned about piracy of their proprietary content. DRM i.e. Digital Rights Management sees to it effectively. In this article, we will let you … Read more