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How to Automatically Delete Dropbox Files on a Schedule

Dropbox is full of great features that make our file life a lot easier. You can save pictures or files and rest assure that Dropbox will keep them nice and

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How to Turn On/Off Facebook Birthday Notifications on Web and App

If you are one of the Facebook’s 1.86 billion users(as of February 2017) then you can use this easy guide and leverage Facebook birthday notifications feature to never forget your friends

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How to See Company Name Of Email Senders in Gmail Inbox Preview

In this guide, I will share a useful Chrome extension which helps you in getting logo and company name of Email senders in Gmail Inbox folder preview. It is an

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How to Add Line or Paragraph Break in Facebook Comments

This simple tutorial will let you know how you can add line break in Facebook comments on website and Android/iOS app to make them look tidy. Adding line break will

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Kobybo Digital Learning Platform – The Future of Education

As claimed to an education survey conducted by HSBC, educating their children is the ultimate goal of 51% of Indian parents. So, let’s not be surprised that education is the next

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Everything You Need to Know About Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

This article throws light on Minimum Viable Product abbreviated as MVP and lets you know everything about it. You will get to know the details like what is MVP, how

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How to Download YouTube Playlist, All or Specific Videos on PC and Mac

If you wish to download YouTube playlist at once without manually downloading each or particular videos then this tutorial is going to help you in achieving that. I will mention

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How to Add Password To PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you are looking to secure PDF files containing confidential information then the best way to go forward is to lock them with a password. In order to do that

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How to Remove Password From PDF Document Without Software

Do you want to share your PDF files with someone but they are password protected? Or maybe you want to remove password so that the file can be accessed quickly

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Restore Last Session and Reopen All Tabs By Default on Chrome and Firefox

One of our earlier guides shared how you can restore last session on Google Chrome. In this tutorial, we go a step further and let you know how to automatically

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