Custom Stickers On Snapchat: How To Create And How To Delete Them

Custom Stickers on Snapchat

Snapchat is always trying to find features to keep us entertained. You just can’t help but waste time with features such as face swap and real-time video effects. Now, it got a feature that will make you never want to close the Snapchat app ever again. The custom stickers on Snapchat you create can come … Read more

How To See Every Photo Someone Likes on Instagram And Also See Their Liked Videos, Comments, And More

View Someone's Liked Photos and Videos on Instagram

On Facebook, you can easily see your friend’s activity on your news feed. But how about Instagram? The news feed in the app doesn’t show anything else other than the photos or videos posted from users, hashtags you are following and ads of course. You cannot see anymore what photos and videos someone liked on … Read more

Instagram Gallery Post: Rearrange Media Before Posting

how to rearrange multiple photos or videos in one Instagram Post

Instagram has a feature that lets you share more than one video or a picture at once in a single post. This feature shows all your pictures like an album, swiping the picture will let your followers see all your photos within one post. So it’s good to share your trip photos or occasion snapshots … Read more

How To Logout Of Instagram On Other Devices Remotely

how to logout of instagram on other devices

Social media is something everybody likes and we spend a considerable amount of our time on it, and why not! It helps us to stay connected with the world. But with the rise in the popularity of social media platforms, they are being more prone to hacking as well. And therefore these platforms keep adding … Read more

Top 10 Instagram Photography Gadgets/Accessories For Better Photos and Videos

Instagram Photography gadgets

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social networking platform where over 80 million photos are uploaded every day. If you have an account on Instagram and you are an active user on Instagram it means you love to do photography. Today we are going to present a list of top 10 Instagram Photography … Read more

How to Enable Instagram Two Step Verification Feature

how to enable instagram two step verification

Instagram, which not only carries photos and videos of the user but also the direct messages which are considered as private. You always set a strong password to secure your account, but with Instagram two step verification feature, you can make your account more secure so that no one would be able to log in … Read more

How To Untag Yourself From Instagram Photos: It’s That Simple!

Untag Yourself from Instagram Photos

Are you tagged on Instagram in photos that have nothing to do with you? Or simply inappropriate to be seen by your followers and the rest of the Instagrammers? If so, you can simply disable tagging by using a special Settings option. However, what to do with the posts where you were tagged before you … Read more

Hidden And Unknown Features And Facts Of Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction. The most popular social media website now has over 2 billion active users and still growing. It has many built-in features that make connecting with people an incredible experience. Right from the beginning when the concept of Facebook came to Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook), it had many interesting things that … Read more

20 Amazing WhatsApp Facts You Don’t Know

Mobile Messaging! What comes to our minds on reading these two words? Oh come on, you got to be kidding if it is not WhatsApp that crossed your mind. WhatsApp has been a widely used mobile messaging app since it was launched back in 2009. After our regular updates regarding “How to” guides for different … Read more

Why Facebook Is Blue In Color?

Color is always an important factor while designing a new website. It makes a huge psychological impact on the human brain. To make the website user-friendly and attractive, web designers have to come up with an appropriate color. So before designing a new website, a question that usually comes to mind is that which color … Read more