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US to launch world’s fastest Computer by 2025

According to the Top 500 lists analyzed from June 2013 to June 2015, it has been reported that China has the world’s fastest  Supercomputer – Tianhe-2 or we can say

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Turing Phone makes unbreakable, unhackable phone a reality

In this article we will unveil the untold amazing Android smartphone Turing Phone features and specifications which is suppose to come in near future. A very unique smart phone technology

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Smart phones to detect Skin Cancer

Every year approximately 80,000 deaths are caused due to skin cancer. To detect skin cancer at an early level a smart phone accessory has been developed. The “Molescope’’ is a

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Most expensive phones in the world

One of our earlier article presented about the most expensive laptops in the world, today in this article we will cover the most expensive phones in the world. With the advancement

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Struggling with low battery while travelling, use MI Power Bank

Xiaomi is a Chinese company and is the world’s third largest smartphone distributor. Xiaomi also manufactures consumer electronics. One of such electronic device is MI power bank. Power Bank is a portable

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World’s Largest Capacity Flash Drive

In today’s world as everything is going digital and big and so the size of the data also. It results in the need of larger capacity (memory size) of external

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Targus Replacement Laptop Charger,one stop solution for your dead charger

With extensive use of Laptop Chargers ,they are bound to die after some amount of time. If you are looking for a replacement charger for your Laptop then Replacement Laptop Charger

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It’s not just a Mouse, It’s a Genius Mouse

Yes, its not just a mouse, it has other features apart from work like normal mouse. People carry an extra portable charger to charge their Smartphones but what if your

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Play music and Charge Cell Phone Without Charger

You might heard of various battery saving apps for Android, iOS or Windows Smartphones, but now such a technology is coming up that will charge your phone without the need

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Self Stirring Mug, No Need of a Spoon

As I came to know about this mug I thought of sharing this amazing mug information with you. Till now you have used spoons to stir the contents of your

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