Bluetooth Vs NFC: Which Wireless Connection Is Best?

Wireless transmission of data has been crucial on smartphones since the beginning. I still remember using Infrared on early bar phones to share multimedia files. But in no time, Bluetooth made its mark for sharing data. And now NFC has arrived and is being used in various devices for the same. Both Bluetooth and NFC … Read more

Fast Charge Vs Quick Charge Vs Dash Charge

Lately, fast charging has become a big selling point for the smartphone industry. No one has time to charge their phones for an hour but with fast charging, a 15-minute charge provides them an hour long usage. To keep that in mind several manufacturers have started introducing their chargers as fast charge, quick charge, dash … Read more

AMOLED Vs IPS LCD Vs Super AMOLED: Everything You Need To Know

With the newest addition to the displays like LCD and LED, we have some significant modifications to them. These displays are most often used in smartphones. A smartphone usually has a Touch screen interface and thus people are more into the display quality. Manufacturers are trying to provide customers with displays that could be better, … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Hub, Switch, And Router

Whenever we listen to the term network, there are some specific devices that come to our mind like routers, servers etc. Back at school, we did learn about various protocols and the software components associated with them. But one of the most major elements of the network is its hardware components. Let’s get deep down … Read more

Guide To Choosing The Best Led Light Bar

In today’s world, LED sources are used to illuminate the space both indoors and outside. The LED light bars have gained incredible popularity due to many undeniable advantages. They have high uniformity and softness of the glow. This allows eyes to feel comfortable. The luminous flux consists only of white light. There is no infrared … Read more

Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit: Everything You Need To Know

We are on the way of creating many useful technologies. Not so long ago, scientists developed the muscle wire moving hand kit. It is an artificial hand, which can function as a real hand because of the muscle made of smart wires.   Many scientists worked to create a robot hand that will operate as … Read more

10 Smallest Smartwatches That Are Insanely Lightweight

Smartwatches are the new smartphones these days. They are providing so many new functionalities and features that most of the time, you won’t even need to take your phones out of your pocket. So, it is better to invest in a smaller, lighter and thinner smartwatches that you won’t even notice on your wrist. Therefore, … Read more

10 Best Gaming Chairs For The Great Playing Experience And Better Posture

Gaming is criticized mostly due to 2 reasons: first being the eye strain which can be prevented with the help of gaming glasses and the second being the bad posture. This is where gaming chairs come into play. The main idea behind using the gaming chairs is to provide the best possible comfort and support … Read more

Xbox One X Vs PlayStation 4 Pro: Which One Is Better?

Android vs iOS, Messy vs Ronaldo, Windows vs Mac, Marvel vs DC, Xbox vs PlayStation, some comparisons just never ends. Let’s try to simplify one of these by comparing the current best gaming consoles; PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. There is no doubt they both are at the top and have their own following … Read more

Top 13 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Better Experience

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

According to me, any earphone or headphone you buy should support the noise cancelling feature. Not only it helps in removing extra noise and sound from the outside world but also aids in a better music and audio quality even at a lower volume. So check out all these top noise cancelling headphones that are … Read more