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The Unusual Fitness Gadgets of 2017

I am kind of miffed with the products in the world. If you really think about it, not a lot of company’ products are good for us. Smartphones have a

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Samsung Note 7 promising to Unlock your Phone with Eyes

Samsung is surely taking a massive step in the world of technology. After unveiling the coolest details about Samsung Gear 3 the smartwatch, here comes the surprising feature of the

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The upcoming Samsung Gear S3 is the new face of Smartwatches

IFA 2016 (September 2nd)  is going to unveil the brand new Samsung Gear S3 which is exclusively designed to meet the active lifestyles of outdoor sports persons. The wearable device

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Exceptional Video Stabilization Gadgets to take professional Videos

Have you ever wondered how the top YouTube stars shoot the best videos which are crystal clear, without any blemishes or problems? There’s a lot of video editing going on

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All new immersive games of 2016

The game fanatics crave for reliving the joyous moments when they come out triumphant in  the virtual world. The history of the game has undergone severe evolution with time. Initially,

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Are Pokemon GO players safe in the real world?

There’s no doubt about the fact that the newest augmented reality game, Pokémon GO from Nintendo and Niantic is receiving a huge response from the Pokeheads worldwide and already is

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Handy Gadgets for the Digital Nomad and the Working Traveller

Being a Digital Nomad has become a kind of a norm these days. Self employed and freelancers alike are working out of co-working spaces, coffee shops. The life of a

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Brilliant Earth Friendly Products to protect environment

We bring you a list of really amazing Earth Friendly Products and gadgets which if used can help in a long way to minimize pollution and thus protecting our Mother

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Office Desk Accessories and Gadgets for Productivity

In this post we bring to you best must have Office Desk Accessories, gadgets and tips for improving productivity and maintaining health. Products which can literally make working fun at

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How to cure Insomnia with these Impressive Gadgets/Apps

This article is an ultimate Guide to beat Insomnia. We have mentioned tips, Gadgets and Apps that can help you sleep and fight sleep disorders. Natural Sleep Aids and Gadgets,

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