How To Increase iPhone Storage: 16 Simple And Easy Ways You Will Like!

How to Increase iPhone Storage

iPhone doesn’t have any expandable card slot which is sometimes a big problem for users who do not have an iPhone with a small storage capacity. Also, it’s a problem for those who are habitual of keeping loads of data and apps. In those cases, users have to move their data to the trash in … Read more

Fixed: Unable To Activate Touch ID On This iPhone

How to fix Unable to Activate Touch ID On This iPhone iOS

If you’re reading this article then most probably all of a sudden Touch ID has stopped working on your iPhone. Are you getting the following notification or a pop-up – “Unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone” when you reboot or restart your iOS device? Well, I can help you as I have been there. I … Read more

iPhone Mirror Selfie: How To Unflip Selfies On iPhone Using Four Fixes

Mirror or flip photos on iPhone

The front camera on your iPhone flips photos when you capture them. Much to your surprise, it actually unflips them. If you are wondering why it does so then you should continue reading this article. Here in this guide, we share why your iPhone camera flips the picture. You will also learn how you can take … Read more

How To Change Flashlight Brightness On iPhone Even Without 3D Touch

Adjust Flashlight Intensity on iPhone

With iOS 11, Apple completely revamped the Control Center on iPhone/iPad. It is now possible to customize the controls which means you can add or remove the options you would like to have in Control Center. As many of you might already know that using iPhone’s 3D touch on the controls you can access quick … Read more

How to Add or Delete Email Accounts on iOS 11 From Mail App

Add or Delete Email accounts on iOS 11 from mail app

iPhone became capable to do a lot more with iOS 11 amazing additions. However, apart from the significant features, like always, there are minor adjustments made to a few settings. Similar, to auto-brightness setting and Night Shift option in Control Center, adding or removing Mail accounts from the Mail app have been relocated in iOS … Read more

How to Transfer Data From an Android or An Old iPhone to A New iPhone Easily And Securely

Transfer data from old Android or iPhone to new iPhone - AnyTrans

Earlier we shared a Freeware MobiMover which could help you move data between iPhone’s. However, what if you want something more than that like transferring data from Android to iPhone? To take care of that we are here with another incredible software that can not only help you transfer data from old iPhone or Android … Read more