How To Block Adult Content On Android: 5 Ways To Protect Your Kids

How To Block Adult Content On Android

Gone are the days when children used to spend all their free time playing and running outside the house.  In fact, the opposite has become true in recent times. Due to advancements in technology, children who own mobile devices are now getting younger and younger, which means they’d rather spend most of their time inside … Read more

7 Of The Best Ways How To Save Instagram Photos On Android

download image from instagram

The world of Instagram is full of sparks. Most of the photos and videos posted on the platform are so tempting that you want them saved in the gallery for making wallpapers or sharing with friends on WhatsApp. But the unavailability of the download option right inside Instagram really breaks our hearts. It doesn’t mean … Read more

How To Turn On/Off TalkBack On Android

Android smartphones are not just smart because of the hardware and all the stuff that can be done on them. They are also smart because they allow people with low vision or low sightedness, a great way to use and explore the devices. They have an inbuilt TalkBack or voice assistant feature. With this, users can get … Read more

How To Enable Developer Options On Android

Android devices come with various features allowing users great experience and usability. But in order to have more enhanced information of your device and allowing it to do more than usual, there are developer options available on all of the Android devices. You can enable developer options on Android to allow debugging over USB, see bug … Read more

How To Use NFC On Android To Send Files

Near Field Communication or commonly knows as NFC is a feature provided on smartphones. Many of you might wonder what NFC is? Well, with NFC, smartphones are capable of sending data to other NFC enabled devices by bringing them in contact with each other. With this feature, users can send various types of data like … Read more

How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Android Phone

Most of the smartphones nowadays are powered by Android, which is yet another product from Google. Every smartphone manufacturing company provides its own features but Google also packs some of the additional software on Android that is also useful. Applications like Google Maps, Photos, Google Drive are a few of them that comes preinstalled with the … Read more

How To Change DNS Settings On Android

How to Change DNS Server On Android

DNS (Domain Name System) is a function that translates Domain Names into IP addresses. This is required as computers understand the numerical IP addresses easily and convert them into websites. At times while surfing the internet you might face connectivity issues. You may see a DNS server error due to which you are not able … Read more