Build Apps Without Coding with Microsoft Project Siena

Good news, now you will be able to build a windows phone and windows apps without coding. Microsoft has introduced the Project Siena (code named) for Windows through which you will be able to create apps without the need of coding. Microsoft has launched Beta 3 of Project Siena. You might be wondering that how an app can be built without coding. Coding is there, but you don’t have to do it, you just have to only add Excel-like expressions for it.

Microsoft Project Siena is such a wonderful technology from Microsoft that lets the non programmers or business experts also to create attractive apps for Windows of business level. With Project Siena you can build custom apps with great GUIs and functionality of the inside app without programming.

Glance On How Project Siena Works

With Project Siena it is as easy to build apps as to just creating a PowerPoint presentation. You simply have to place your widgets or visuals to the canvas, connect them to the business data and web services and finally look for the overall app design and all this without coding. Now build unique, rich visuals, custom apps with few clicks and get an app on your name and share it with your colleagues.

Features of Microsoft Project Siena

  • You can connect to various sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Instagram, YouTube, Coursera and more with just one click read and write connection, no need of coding.
  • Interactive charts are available in this software for data visualization.
  • The OAuth security pattern is provided to connect to services like REST.
  • For formatting the text, HTML viewer is available.
  • You can also write back data to Sharepoint list.
  • Microsoft made Project Siena available currently in 3 languages: English (United States), German (Germany) and Japanese (Japan).
  • It supports x86,x64 and ARM processors.

Now business users will be able to create powerful, rich in design & look apps in a couple of hours and that also without the need of programming. This might be a start but surely a game changer to build apps and to compete the programmers easily.


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