Brilliant Earth Friendly Products to protect environment

We bring you a list of really amazing Earth Friendly Products and gadgets which if used can help in a long way to minimize pollution and thus protecting our Mother Nature. These include eco friendly home products and other environmentally friendly products as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio in his Oscar winning speech spoke only about one thing and that is the environment. He said “Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take tonight for granted”.  The world is definitely going through a phase where humanity’s daily living is taking a toll on our beautiful planet. The earth is becoming hotter and the ice caps are melting. What this means is, our coastal cities might get submerged because of the rapidly melting ice caps.

Our excess consumption and over dependence on fossil fuels and Industries and companies that rely on their old technologies is bringing our world to the ground.

Earth Friendly Products

Can this world be saved?

Our world can be saved if we as consumers make the right choice in terms of the products we purchase. For example, products like facial cleansers and other products like bodywashes use plastic micro-beads which acts as a skin exfoliant. These are not good for the environment because they pass through our waterways. It affects our ocean and marine life as the fishes think they are food, eat it and die.

As you can see, the products that we use on a daily life are affecting our environments and us. At TechUntold, we want the future of products to be environment friendly and we believe that starts from technology companies because they are bringing the change.

In 2015, at CES, the eco-atm was released. The eco-atm is an environment focused ATM that takes in your old phones and gives you cash on the spot. These old devices leave a very large carbon footprint in the world and most of the products within the old phone can be recycled and reused. There are a lot of precious metals that can be extracted from these phones. Companies like Apple are buying back old phones from their users because of their precious metals that can be melted and reused.

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products

Similar to this, let’s look at some products that are eco friendly and form a daily part of our lives. Any product that uses lesser electricity are good for the environment. Solar products are extremely eco friendly because they use the sun directly for power. This is why Elon Musk’s Solar City is investing a lot in this power source. It’s a free energy source.

1. Bakeys

This is one of the eco friendly home products. Edible cutlery has made their way into this world to counter the bad effects of plastics. A company called Bakey makes edible spoons that can be consumed after use or can be thrown in the mud where it decomposes and becomes part of the earth within a few days. In the case of plastics, it makes thousands of years to even decompose.

eco friendly home products

Bakeys Official Website

2. The WakaWaka Power+

If the name is familiar it is because of the Shakira football world cup song you would’ve listened to. The WakaWaka power+ is one the solar power chargers out there. It charges fully in 12 hours. Your smartphone charges within two hours which is as good as any other charger.

environmentally friendly products

WakaWaka Power+ on Amazon

3. Eton Rukus

This is one of my favorite products. The Eton Rukus is a portable solar powered wireless music system. This little machine gets its power from the sun and dishes out music. Music is always almost on in most houses and used regularly where younger people are there. You can put it near a window in the morning and let it absorb the sun’s energy and keep playing it all night.

eco friendly products

Eton Rukus on Amazon

4. Etsy Circuit Board Jewellery

The genius designers at Etsy are getting very creative and at the same time saving the earth. The circuit boards of old computers are thrown away and are part of the e-junk and e-waste that is thrown out in the world. These products just fill landfills and don’t decompose and destroy the earth. Some etsy based designers are taking the circuit board and making jewellery out of it. If you ask me, that’s pretty cool.

eco friendly gadgets

Etsy Circuit Board Official Website

5. USB Cell

Our old school batteries are the worst pollutants. They are filled with mercury that pollutes our environment and they can be used only for a short period of time. The USB Cell are your normal batteries that can be charged again through the USB cable. Imagine your remote conks out and you don’t have to tear up a new packet of AA batteries. All you have to do is recharge these USB Cell and you are good to go. These innovations that makes us reuse products are the best ones.

earth friendly gadgets

USB Cell on Amazon

6. The Tesla

You cannot have an article that talks about the environment and not have the Tesla made cars. The Tesla S is one of the finest cars that are made in the world. Don’t believe me, believe the rating from consumer reports. The Tesla runs on battery power. You put the car to charge and it charges fully within a few hours. This product literally takes away our dependence from fossil fuels and makes us humans locomotive.

Green Products

The product companies of the world have to start producing products that are useful for the world. The concept of carbon credits should be more widely spread and enforced among companies. Carbon credits are when a country have a lesser carbon footprint compared to their allowance, they can sell the excessive allowance.

This means if a company has too much of a carbon footprint then they’ll have to pay money to bring their levels down. If this is enforced properly then companies will be taxed for their excessive carbon footprint and will be forced to produce eco friendly products.

Here are few gadgets to keep you healthy in which you might be interested.

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