Brilliant Apps to hide WhatsApp chat on Android and iPhone

If you are landing on this web page, most probably you are having issues in maintaining your privacy of your WhatsApp chats. You want to hide WhatsApp chat which is too personal to be shared or seen by your friends, family or colleagues. If this is what you are looking for then this article won’t disappoint you and you will definitely be able to lock WhatsApp chats and even other chat apps after reading this article. In order to achieve this, we will let you know about apps to hide message in WhatsApp for iPhone and Android.

Apps to hide WhatsApp Chat

To lock WhatsApp chats there are apps to lock apps which you need to install on your smartphone. Depending on your smartphone being Android or iPhone (iOS) the apps will differ.

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Apps to hide WhatsApp chat on Android

These lock apps will also help you out if you are looking to lock Chat apps on Android phone

1. Chat Locker

This app is offered by TechUntold. We developed this app because we got a lot of queries, complaints and suggestions from our readers regarding existing locking apps. Use the following steps to download, install and use our App Chat Locker.

  1. Download Chat Locker from Play Store. Once the download completes install it.
  2. After the installation, open the app and set a passcode which will be used to Unlock the locked apps and Chat Locker app itself.
  3. Next, set a Security Question to recover password in case you forget it.
  4. Select Lock Apps tab and tap on WhatsApp.
  5. Next, tap on Enable to turn on User Access for Chat Locker. Toggle Chat Locker to ON.
  6. Go back to the app and select WhatsApp to lock it. The lock icon will close confirming that WhatsApp is protected with Password as shown below.

Apps to lock WhatsApp chats - Chat Locker

Now the next time you open WhatsApp, it will ask for a password to open.

As you can see you can lock other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Allo, Hike and more as well. You can Unlock the locked apps anytime you wish by going to the Lock Apps tab and tapping on the locked app to unlock it.

For more details, you may read the comprehensive review of Chat Locker app.

2. Messenger and Chat Lock

Alternatively, you may also use the application Messenger and Chat Lock (Chat Lock+) to hide or lock WhatsApp chat. The app is available for free on Play Store. 

  1. Download the application from Play Store or by clicking on the link above.
  2. After the downloading, tap on the Chat Lock+ app to open it.
  3. On opening, you will need to set a passcode which will be used as the passcode for apps in order to open them.
  4. After you set the password, a screen will appear where you can lock the apps you desire. All apps are unlocked by default.
  5. Toggle the button to On for WhatsApp as shown.
App to hide WhatsApp chat

WhatsApp locked

There you go! The next time you open your WhatsApp after doing this it will ask for a password which obviously means that your WhatsApp chats are hidden and locked.

Moreover, if you are looking to just hide particular chat and not locking the WhatsApp in the process you can go through – How to hide Chat in WhatsApp

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App to hide WhatsApp chat iPhone

To lock WhatsApp on iPhone you need to download and install App Password for WhatsApp MessagesThe application costs $0.99/60 INR.  On installing you need to set it up with the passcode of your choice and your WhatsApp chats will be hidden in iPhone.

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Hopefully, these apps allowed you to hide WhatsApp chat on your Android smartphone or iPhone. If you know about better apps for android or any free app to lock WhatsApp chat on iPhone kindly share via the comments section.

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