How To Block Instagram Story From Specific Followers, Know Who Is Viewing It

This tutorial is a continuation of an earlier article where I shared how to use and create Instagram Story. You may refer to the same article if you want to get a basic idea of what Instagram Story feature is all about. For this article, I have shared a few settings related to the new Story feature. You will get to know how to hide or block Instagram Story from specific followers and also how to know who viewed your Instagram Story.

Block Instagram Story From Specific Followers

The steps and screenshots used in this article are from the Instagram iOS App and they remain the same for Android as well with slight changes.

With the new Instagram update, you should note an extra option included in Settings.

1. Open Instagram App and visit your Profile by tapping at profile icon at bottom right corner.

2. Under your profile, tap on the Hamburger Menu icon and select Settings at the top right.

Instagram app settings

3. Select Story Settings under Account.

Hide Instagram Story from Specific followers

4. Tap on Hide Story From.

How to Hide Instagram Story

5. Select the followers from whom you want to Hide your story and tap Done at top right.

Hide Instagram Story from Specific followers

Now whenever you create your story, by default it will be hidden from the follower(s) you selected above. Alternatively, you can also access the same setting directly from your story. In order to do that follow the steps given below.

1. Go to your profile and select Your Story(will be visible if you have created one) at the top of your feed.

2. In your story, select 3 horizontal dots at bottom right.

3. Select Story Settings from the presented options.

You will be taken to the same screen which you got using the earlier steps.

Here I would like to share another feature of Instagram Story which allows you to share the post(s) within a story as a post if desired. Like the posts you add in a Story are not added to your profile and are removed after 24 hours. This feature is useful when you are attached to something and do not want it to get deleted.

You can tap and activate the post in your story which you want to share and add it to your profile.

1. Tap on 3 horizontal dots at the bottom right of your story screen.

Share Story as a post Instagram

2. Select Share as Post…

Share Instagram Story as a post

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How To know Who Viewed Your Instagram Story?

Unlike posts, you can know who is viewing your Instagram Story. At the same time, you cannot comment or like anyone’s Instagram Story. However, followers do get the option to send a private message. To send a message select Send Message at the bottom left when viewing someone’s story.

Also, only you can see the number and name of followers who have viewed your Story and it is not viewable to anyone else.

In order to see the number and name of followers who have viewed your Story, select Your Story at the top of the profile and swipe up on the story screen. If no one has viewed yet then it will show as “No viewers yet” and also you won’t get any eye symbol at the bottom center. If someone has viewed it you will get something like shown in the screenshot.

Know who viewed your Instagram StoryWe hope you are enjoying Instagram Story feature. Share this with your Instagram friends to let them know more about Stories.



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