How to block/ disable WhatsApp calls

Last Updated: November 16, 2016

This tutorial shares methods to block/deactivate/ disable WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone. Switch from WhatsApp calls(incoming and outgoing)to usual phone calls automatically and get rid of the WhatsApp calls. You will still receive WhatsApp messages only the calls will be blocked.

Disable WhatsApp calls

Are WhatsApp calls causing a lot of irritation lately? Or you want to save your internet data that is consumed by WhatsApp calls? If the answer to any of these is yes, then I highly recommend you to follow this article where we share the methods to disable WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS.

Disable WhatsApp calls


On Android, there is an app which can help you to achieve this. But this app was removed from Play Store for some reason. However, you can download it from the link shared below. And you need not worry about it harming or infecting your smartphone/tablet as I have tested it comprehensively. Here’s how you can get it working for you.

1. Open any browser on Android device and visit this link to download Disable WhatsApp Calls apk.

2. Install the app by allowing apps to install that are not on Play Store from Settings(Unknown Sources)

3. After the app is installed open and Select the Service option to switch it ON. It will navigate to Settings.

4. Toggle Disable WhatsApp Calls to ON for the app to work. Go back to the app.

Disable WhatsApp calls

5. Now check the Incoming Call and Outgoing call option. You may choose to only block  Incoming Calls and keep Outgoing Calls on or vice versa.

Block WhatsApp calls

Now, next time you get a WhatsApp call it will be disconnected automatically and you will get a normal incoming phone call. Similarly, when you place a WhatsApp outgoing call it will automatically place a outgoing phone call instead of a WhatsApp outgoing call.

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To block WhatsApp calls on iOS device you can simply go and block that contact on WhatsApp.

Go to Settings >Account>Privacy>Blocked. Add the desired contact.

The drawback of this method is that along with calls WhatsApp messages too will be blocked.

We hope that you were able to disable WhatsApp calls on your smartphone. Do you know any other way of deactivating Whatsapp calls? Hit us in the comments section.



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