How to Block Calls on iPhone Without Using Any 3rd Party App

Last Updated: June 3, 2017

The repeated calls from a particular contact have got the better of you and now you cannot keep silencing or ignoring them? Well, if that seems like your story then to help you out we will share a solution to block calls on iPhone or iPad without using any third party app in this tutorial.

We all have come across a situation multiple times where we get distracted from our important work by the unimportant telemarketing calls. Or they can be from a friend/contact with whom you no longer want to talk to. If you are facing issues in determining the caller then you may use these call identifier apps. For these cases, iOS provides an official setting to block numbers which in turn will block the calls from them. Apart from letting you know about blocking calls from specific contacts, we will also mention how you can block calls from all contacts but allowing calls from certain contacts using Do Not Disturb if desired. So let us dive right into it.

Block Calls on iPhone

1. Launch Settings app from Home screen and select Phone.

2. Under Phone, tap on Call Blocking & Identification in Calls section.

Block Calls on iPhone

3. Now, tap on Block Contact… and select the Contact from whom you want to block calls.

Block Contact on iPhone

Similarly, you can block calls from other contacts.

Please note that blocking a contact will also block messages and FaceTime apart from phone calls. However, you will still receive messages from them on WhatsApp or Messenger if you have added them there.

You can always unblock the contacts later by swiping left on the desired contact name and selecting Unblock.

Unblock Calls on iPhone Another way is to tap on Edit followed by the red minus symbol and select Unblock.

Alternatively, you can use the following steps to block calls from a contact.

  • Open Phone app and select the desired contact.
  • In Contact details screen, tap on Block this Caller at the bottom and select Block Contact.

Block a number on iPhone

You can use the same procedure in order to block other contacts. It is also possible to unblock the contact whenever desired from the same location by tapping on Unblock this Caller.

Block Calls from All Contacts While Allowing For Some of Them

Do Not Disturb feature on iOS allows you to silence all calls, messages and notifications when enabled. Now, you can achieve this with the Silent mode too by flipping the Silent/Ring switch on your iPhone. But there is more to Do Not Disturb mode.

With Do Not Disturb it is possible to allow calls from certain contacts while silencing/blocking all of them. Here’s how you can configure it.

1. Open Settings and select Do Not Disturb.

Enable Do Not Disturb Mode iOS

2. Now, toggle the Manual switch to ON.  This will turn on Do Not Disturb mode.

3. Next, tap on Allow Calls From.

4. On the next screen, tap on Favorites.

Allow Calls from certain contacts Do Not Disturb on iOS

5. Go back one step and make sure that Repeated Calls switch is turned OFF. If it is turned on the iOS device will ring if someone calls you repeatedly for two times in 3 minutes even though Do Not Disturb is enabled.

6. Finally, add the desired contacts to Favorites from whom you wish to receive calls while blocking others. To do that, open Phone and select the Contact. Tap on Add to Favorites.

Add Contact to Favorite on iPhone

We hope that these settings to block calls on iPhone will be helpful getting rid of annoying calls. If you found this useful then please share it on social media to help others.


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