How to block Ads on Google Chrome Browser

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

With 2.92 billion internet users, the online advertisements are also increasing rapidly. But many users don’t like popping up of advertisement as it could be annoying for them. Finding how you can stop Ads on Google Chrome on all websites or even selected websites also. Below are the steps to block Ads on Google Chrome Browser.

Steps to Block Ads on Google Chrome Browser

#1) Open Google Chrome browser on your system.

#2) Click on Apps on the top left side on Google Chrome that will take you to Chrome apps.

block ads on google chrome - apps

#3) Click on Web Store that will direct you to the Google Chrome Web Store.

block ads on google chrome - web store


#4) Now in the search bar, search for the “AdBlock” extension. You will be listed with different block Ads extensions from different developers, you can choose according to the rating and reviews. We recommend AdBlock for Google Chrome, it works automatically.

block ads on google chrome - search

#5) Click on the +Free button on the right hand side.

#6) Click on the Add from the Window that pops up. It will take a few seconds to install the Adblock.

#7) Once the AdBlock is installed you can visit any website on the Google Chrome browser. You will notice that the Ads has been blocked by the AdBlock extension.

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Allow Ads for a particular website on Google Chrome

Visit the website where you want to allow Ads to appear. Click on the AdBlock icon on top right hand side. Select “Don’t run on pages on this domain”.

block ads on google chrome - allow ads


Now you can compare the websites, Ads will appear only on the website that you have allowed. This way you can block Ads on Google Chrome browser and surf the web without ads on Google Chrome. Hope the article helped you in Ads appearing issue. Any thoughts are welcomed.


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