BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Earphones Review: Budget Earphones?

Are you done with your earphones getting tangled in your pocket now and then? Bluetooth earphones are not just convenient this way, but they are also a great option while exercising and other stuff. In the past four-five years, earphones market has overloaded with some amazing as well as thrash Bluetooth and wireless earphones. Getting the best piece in your budget is a tough mission to achieve.

It is smart to go for a gadget after consulting with someone who has used it. Today, we will have a detailed look on the latest BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Earphones. Though this is a budget earphone, you can judge better after this review if they are really worth it.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Wireless Earphones Review

Package Contents

They surely have something extra in the package. Have a look.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Earphone - Package content

  • 1 BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth earphone
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 extra pairs of earbuds
  • 2 extra pairs of shark fins
  • 1 cable clip
  • 1 cable
  • Small storage bag
  • User manual

Key Points And Features

1. Design

As it is a Bluetooth earphone, it is obviously without the long wire that you don’t want to handle anymore. The two earpieces are connected with a wire of almost half meter long.

The earpieces fit perfectly in your ear with (or even without) the fins. I tried to jump, dance, and shake my head while the earphones on, and they didn’t come off. So, these are perfect for playing sports and doing exercises.

The built-in magnet in the earphones keep them close and you can hang them around your neck without any chance of falling off. The batteries are inside the earpieces and still, BlitzWolf has managed to give them an attractive look.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Earphone - design review

2. Connectivity

The earphone has CSR8635 V4.1 Bluetooth version. You just have to switch on the earphone by a long press on the MFB (Multifunction Button) and your device will detect it. You can connect up to two Bluetooth devices at a time. It automatically plays from the second device once you pause the first device. BlitzWolf claims that the range of connection is 10 meter and it worked fine when I tested it.

3. Sound Quality

For greater sound quality, the earphones use the dynamic driver unit. It enhances the resolution of your audio and you get a rich musical experience with optimum bass and highs. The APT-X lossless decoding technology supported by its Bluetooth chip brings you Hi-Fi distortion-free sound.

I have been using them for 4 days and there was no problem with any type of syncing and the sound quality is also great and very clear at all volume levels.

4. IPX4 Ratings – Splashproof

The IPX standards are meant to rate a gadget on the scale of IPX0 to IPX8. The IPX4 rating means that the earphone will be protected from the splashes from any direction. You can use them in the rain and heavy sweating without worrying about any harm to the earphones.

5. Wire And Buttons

The control panel on the wire has a built-in microphone, LED indicator and micro-USB charging port. There are only three buttons on this panel i.e. 2 volume buttons and one MFB. But, they are capable to do more tasks.

These functions are great to manage music when you don’t have the device in your hand. The MFB is for playing/pause songs or accepting/hanging up calls by pressing once, rejecting calls by long press, and redial by the double press. The volume keys can also be used for skipping to the next or previous song.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Earphone - buttons and controls review

6. Battery Back-up

The 110 mAh Lithium-ion battery in the earphone takes up to  1.5 hours to charge fully and last up to 6 hours easily.

7. English Voice Prompt

You will know the status of the earphone from a voice in English. It speaks for actions like ‘Power On’, ‘Power Off’, ‘Phone one connected’ etc.


  • No chances of tangling like other usual earphones.
  • Perfect for running, cycling, cooking, traveling etc. no worries about the wire.
  • I am really impressed by the low price and still no compromises with the sound quality.


  • It would be great if the battery would last a little longer.
  • The range of these wireless earphones isn’t that great.

Final Verdict

BlitzWolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Earphone - Pros and cons

These earphones are perfect midway between the Apple wireless EarPods and the old bulky wired earphones. Because of the wires and magnet, you will not lose them like the former. With this cool option, keep your phone or device anywhere and enjoy the music without being covered with a wire. There are other options for Bluetooth earphones in the market but with this quality and the affordable price of $25.99, I would surely advise you to grab this deal.

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Summing Up
  • 7.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 7.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Sound Quality - 8.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Battery Life - 7.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Bluetooth Range - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Value For Money - 9.5/10


With a built-in magnet and good audio quality, BlitzWolf BTS1 Wireless earphones are definitely worth their price tag.


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