Blackberry can make a comeback

When asked in an interview about his thoughts on Blackberry, John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile answered with “on a comeback”.

When the entire tech world is being skeptical about the future of BlackBerry, these words sound mysterious. What is blackberry up to? Will it ever rule the corporations like it used to before its dog days were over? Or is it the recent events turning flames to embers when we talk about the relationship between T-Mobile and Blackberry?

blackberry can make a comeback - tmobile ceo
T-Mobile CEO, John Legere says BlackBerry can make a comeback

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Everybody in the tech world knows about the turnaround between the two companies that affected their business in 2014. They started to make up this year when T-Mobile stores displayed BlackBerry Classic on its shelves for their customers. BlackBerry released Priv this year, its first Android powered smartphone into the market. The attempt seems desperate and clearly shows that the company is near to an end but the latest statement by the CEO of the company, John Chen suggests that it might not be too late for the former “business phone” manufacturer and reflects their appreciation for T-Mobile’s support for their future.

I’m energized about our renewed relationship with T-Mobile and I’m excited about what 2016 will bring [as] we continue to move forward together, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in an e-mail on Sunday.

The company is struggling in the market to make its move and to keep her head above the water. With a lot of consumers losing to the rivals: Android, iOS and even Windows Phone, the company has made a nice move to associate their technology with the Android ecosystem. With this experts are expecting that BlackBerry can make a comeback in tech market.

BlackBerry can make a comeback
BlackBerry Priv

Gone are the days when having a BlackBerry in your hands was a style statement and probably an insignia for the tech enthusiasts. The company that redefined the hard keyboard experience on the phone and which was the first choice for businesses, used to be on the top of the food chain. The BBM hype and their community takes us back to the time.

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BlackBerry has potential, so big that they can probably again rule the market. They were the iPhones of the time. I am waiting for 2016 when BlackBerry is expecting some raise in the market and while Priv is absolutely a keeper and collecting lots of positive comments like, “I am in love with a BlackBerry again” by the president of TechnoBuffalo, Blackberry seems to have something in mind for the next year.


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