Black Google as Blackle, Saves Energy

Not many people know about Blackle, it’s one of the websites of Google. Blackle is created by Heap Media and powered by Google. It was launched in January 2007. It’s nothing but the search engine website similar to the Google normal website which is of white color. Google launched Blackle to save energy not to just have a black version of Google website. It was designed in such a manner that it saves energy. Blackle has saved 4.5 MWh of electricity energy till July 2014. It is said that its a black version of the Google website.

The concept behind saving Energy from Google Blackle

As you might be knowing that the laptops, cell phones, tablets and other devices uses less energy when displayed black or dark colors on screen. So a white screen or a light screen consumes a lot of energy in comparison to a black screen. And the device screens which are coming nowadays are LED backlit LCDs that do not light up the black parts of the screen, thus saving energy of those areas.

You can set Blackle as your home page as this Blackle website of Google can save a lot of energy of your device every time you load in your web browser, so your device will give more battery backup. So whenever you are running out of your battery and want to Google something, then make use of Blackle.

There was a blog post in January 2007 when Blackle was launched, that it can save 750 MWh per year. You can visit the Blackle website and can also see on the Blackle home page that how many MWh of energy it has saved till now. It might not look very attractive in comparison to normal Google website ( but we can set it as homepage and can be MAD( Make A Difference) by saving energy.



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