Bing Vs Yahoo vs Google: Battle Of The Search Engines

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I bet most of you only use Google as your preferred search engine and even the default web page in the browsers is Google. But that doesn’t mean that there are no competitors against it. You might have heard about Bing and Yahoo search engines as well. To be honest, they are the only ones trying to compete against Google. So let us check out who wins among Bing vs Yahoo vs Google by comparing them side by side.

Difference Between Google, Yahoo And Bing Search Engines

1. Appearance


Google has a simple, minimalistic and plain white theme which is eye pleasing to the users.

Bing changes its homepage image daily along with the information related to it, yet, the appearance is still incredible.

Yahoo is messy. But it provides a whole lot of more information and news than the other search engines on its homepage.

Winner – Bing

2. Search Results

search results

For this difference, I tried searching “Search Engine” in all of these three search engines to check which one shows the maximum number of results.

Bing and Yahoo both displayed 15,900,000 results whereas Google came up with whopping 1,63,00,00,000 results.  This factor depends upon the keyword that you are searching and will vary accordingly.

Winner – Google

3. Time

Only Google displayed the time it took to display the results. Bing and Yahoo both displayed only the number of results but not the time it took the search engine to come up with the results.

By the way, Google took 1.48 seconds to display the results for the keyword “Search Engines”.

Winner – Google

4. Options


When talking about homepage options, you can access all of the Google products that you might be using daily from the Google Search Engine. For example, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Play Store, Contacts, Google+, Calendar, Translate, and Photos.

In Bing, you can only check out the fun games, your search history and some other tabs which won’t be needed for daily activities. Whereas in Yahoo, you can only browse through the trending news and that’s it.

Winner – Google

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5. Images

Images - Bing vs Yahoo vs Google

When searching images in any of these search engines, Google displayed an endless list of results. And as soon as you scroll down to the last part, the engine will automatically load even more results.

Whereas, Bing and Yahoo only displayed a limited number of results here also, Although you can load more results by clicking on see more images, there is no automatic version here.

Winner – Google

6. Usage

Image Source –

No one comes even remotely close to Google in terms of usability. Google is definitely the most used search engine right now and dominates the market. Bing and Yahoo are giving a competition to Google but when talking about numbers, they also are lacking way too behind.

Winner – Google


As expected, Google came on top among Bing vs Yahoo vs Google comparison. Apart from the search engine, Google is also used in our day to day activities. For example, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps Navigation. Even the website owners and digital marketers initial target is to hit the first page of the Google Search. We have tried these search engines in both Smartphones and PC. So, this was our comparison of the popular search engines. Which search is the best according to you?  Let us know which one do you prefer.

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