7 Best Whiteboard Animation Software, App And Online Tools

Looking for a way to make your presentation stand out? Are you trying to share something online and want to convey an effective message to your viewers? Whiteboard animation could just be the thing for you. It can help you bring your ideas to life and leave a great impact on your audience. Here we have gathered a few best Whiteboard animation software, apps and online tools which would allow you to create your own whiteboard animation on PC, Mac or smartphone.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

1. VideoScribe

A great software which allows you to make good quality whiteboard animation. Simply download the software and signup to Sparkol. That’s it, you’re ready to make your own whiteboard animation. Once the software is installed just start by clicking create new scribe and you are ready to animate.

video scribe

Write your content, choose the font styles, pictures and finalize your backgrounds. The type of animation you would like to show can be a handwriting on screen or a cockroach coming to write your content. Add either voice or music to the video. Play it, if satisfied save or share with your friends on social media.

Best Whiteboard animation software - video scribe

Besides that, you can also add images and charts to make it more attractive. The only downside of this Whiteboard animation maker is that you only get to use it for 7 days free as a trial version after that you have to pay to use it. The price to buy the software starts from $14.50/month. It is available for both Windows PC and Mac.

Click here to start your free trial

Make Your Whiteboard Animation With Online Tools

2. Biteable

biteable - Whiteboard animation maker

Stunning ads, explainers or social videos get ready in a flash with Biteable. You get to choose from a category of the video which you want to make. Whether it’s for a large business or small business, agency, educational, non-profit or for personal use, Biteable has got you covered. You can choose from the Biteable library or rather you can start from the beginning. If you start from scratch you will have to select a scene then write what you want to show in the video. You can also select the color and audio you want. Finally, you can have a preview of the animation.

You can share the video you created on many social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc and show your friends your animation skills.


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3. mysimpleshow

Looking for a simple, easy to use but yet the most effective way to create your video animation? Then My Simple Show is just the site for you. When you start creating animation, the site guides on how you should be making it. You can choose whether you would like to create a fresh story or would like to provide existing content that you have on your PC. The site allows you to upload Powerpoint file for which you want the animation to be made.  It has a vast number of categories, whether you want to make professional, personal or educational animation, it provides all kind of content.

Inside each, there are subcategories, like in Personal you will find templates for presenting your resume, comparing 2 or 3 options/products and more.

whiteboard animation tool - mysimpleshow

Just draft, find your storyline and what your animation is about. Provide the script about the animation, the title, your goals and the message that you want to convey through the video. Visualize, add different animations and effects and finalize. That’s it.


4. Animatron


Want mind-blowing whiteboard animation?  Animatron is here for you. The website will let you choose from Lite or Expert animation. Lite would be easy to use and would be for the beginners. Expert will allow the professional animators to create an outstanding video animation content.

Whether for a presentation or for any social site, Animatron will definitely help you in creating the best animation videos. It has tons of effects, animations, characters and fonts to choose from.


5. Powtoon

Whether it’s an Explainer video, Marketing video, Infographic video, Presentations or Video ads Powtoon can give anything you want. This whiteboard animation software consists of a large variety of options regarding the topic of animation to choose from. Want to teach your student? Want to train your employees? PowToon would be the best place for you to create an educational video. Another impressive feature is that if you do not want to do it yourself the site also helps in hiring a PowToonist who would provide you with what you want.

powtoon - whiteboard animation online tool

Not only a whiteboard you can select any of the given background effects. It also has preloaded animation and videos which would certainly help you to learn and expand your skills.


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6. Animaker


One more online place where you can create your own animated videos by using different characters, animations, styles and your imagination. It has a variety of animations and characters to choose from. Just log on using your existing Google or Facebook account or sign up for a new Animaker account. That’s it you can now start animating your ideas.


Whiteboard Animation App

7. FlipaClip

Whiteboard Animation app for Android - flipaclip

Last on the list is the only app for Whiteboard animation which is available for Android users. Not like the above software and websites, but FlipaClip is a great way to create short animation anywhere and any time. A great thing about this Whiteboard animation software for Android is that it’s not that big in size but does mostly all the animation work that you might need. Basically, you have to draw in order to make animation. You can also add music.

The app developer also brings a different kind of FlipaClip contest now and then, which makes the user learn more and improve their skills also. After the animation is complete you can choose from different social platforms where you would like to upload it.

And the app is free.

Play Store

Final Thoughts

Though there are many whiteboard animation software we came across but these are the best fit for everyone.  Most of them can be used on PC or Mac. Sometimes making whiteboard animations becomes difficult as the software is too complicated but we selected the software, websites and app which are very convenient to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. Again not all the softwares are free but you still can use them to make animations without purchasing the full version.


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