10 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps

WhatsApp is the most used and successful messaging app in the market. Still, people look for WhatsApp alternative apps to get different features which WhatsApp is currently missing. Users also look for WhatsApp alternatives as many of the countries does not allow users to make WhatsApp calls. So for all those users who are looking out for the substitute, I have listed out 10 best WhatsApp alternative apps.

best whatsapp alternative apps

10 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps

The below mentioned 10 apps are free to use. I have also mentioned Google Play Store & Apple Store links of each app so that you have absolutely no trouble finding them.

1. Allo

Allo is developed by Google and released in September 2016. This app by Google was designed to give a good competition to WhatsApp in the market.  The Google Assistant feature in Allo makes it stand out from all other chatting apps in the mobile apps market. It will help you out to find things around the world like restaurants, shops, places and much other stuff which you can share with your contacts.

best whatsapp alternative - Google allo

Allo for Android | Allo for iOS

2. Kik

Kik is another major messaging app platform on the mobile market. It is already a well-renowned app and has 300 million registered users. The major part of the users is from the United States. Unlike WhatsApp, you cannot see who is online on Kik. Also, in Kik you cannot make audio calls, you directly share a video of yours with your friends.

best whatsapp alternative apps - kik


Kik for Android | Kik for iOS

If you go with this app then we strongly recommend you to check out the following Kik tutorials as well.

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3. Viber

Viber was initially launched for iPhone in 2010 and then for Android phones in 2012 as a messaging app. This instant messaging app has around 800 million registered users. Like WhatsApp you can make free calls, text messages, share your pictures and do other stuff. It is an excellent competitor of WhatsApp.

best whatsapp alternatives - viber

Viber for Android | Viber for iOS

4. WeChat

WeChat is developed in China by Tencent. It is an instant messaging App which is not only famous in China but all around the world. With 864 million active users, WeChat is one of the largest used messaging apps. It has more features than WhatsApp, like finding someone around you with the help of distance filters, shaking phone feature to match with some other user.

best whatsapp alternatives - wechat

WeChat for Android | WeChat for iOS

5. Hike

Hike is also on the list of best alternatives of WhatsApp. Apart from essential features of messaging (photos, videos, emoticons, stickers), this app comes with a 2-way chat theme. The user can apply the theme depending on the relationship with contact or on their mood itself. Another great feature that Hike allows is the sharing of messages and files within the radius of 100 meters without any data charges. This feature is Hike Direct which uses Wi-Fi.

best whatsapp alternative - hike

Hike for Android | Hike for iOS

6. Skype

Skype is a product of Microsoft. The professionals mainly use Skype as a text messenger which also provides video and audio calls which WhatsApp is also offering. So for all those who wants to send files, docs, do meetings, wants to chat with friends, is a good alternative. The best part of Skype is that apart from the mobile app, the software is available to use Skype on PC or Mac without using Bluestacks or other emulators.

best whatsapp alternatives - skype

Skype for Android | Skype for iOS


Like others, LINE is also a cross-platform messaging app. Unlike WhatsApp, in LINE, you can add contacts using QR codes, LINE id and also by shaking the phone. Another brilliant feature in LINE is Hidden Chats. With this feature, the user can set a timer for messages after which the messages will disappear/deleted from both the ends (sender and the receiver) and also from the LINE server.

best whatsapp alternatives - line

LINE for Android | LINE for iOS

8. Telegram

Next instant messaging app in the list of WhatsApp Alternative Apps is Telegram. Through Telegram you can send files of unlimited size, unlike WhatsApp app. Also, you can create a group of 5000 members for online communities & teamwork. Apart from Android, iOS and Windows app, Telegram is also available as a Web application.

best whatsapp alternatives - telegram

Telegram for Android | Telegram for iOS

9. Wire

Other than usual features of instant messaging apps, Wire app lets you delete the sent message. If you send the wrong message or to the wrong person, you can delete the message from the receiver device. Wire also comes with a group call feature. You can make a group call with a maximum of 10 members; this feature makes Wire more efficient than WhatsApp.

best whatsapp alternatives - wire

Wire for Android | Wire for iOS

10. Tango

Tango is one of the most popular instant messaging app available for cross-platform with over 350 million registered Tango users. In this app, you can connect to nearby people and also people around the world. Just like Instagram you can have followers and can follow other people. Altogether, Tango is an excellent app with almost all the features what WhatsApp app is having.

best whatsapp alternatives - tango

Tango for Android | Tango for iOS

Apart from the listed 10 best alternative apps to WhatsApp, if you know or have experience with some other apps then do let us know via comments. Download the app of your choice and share your experience with us.

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